Amit Shukla: an innovator of law, partnering for progress with AS & Associates Legal Services

Amit Shukla: an innovator of law, partnering for progress with AS & Associates Legal Services

Amit Shukla: an innovator of law, partnering for progresswith AS & Associates Legal Services

Our goal is to serve every individual equitably by defendingliberty and delivering justice as a national representative of the legalprofession. We are committed to passing on litigation skills and giving back tosociety.

Thesuper-colossal transformation of civil legislation, industrial factors, moderntrends and evolution of legal business often renovate rules of the game for thecompanies – customers of legal services and consultants.  Present-day, legal consulting has to adapt asfast as possible to these new happenings to meet the expectations of the clients.

AS & Associates Legal Services is a progressive and integratedlegal consultancy of the country, providing trust advice.It comprises an extensiveinterconnection of expert advisors and independently practicing associates atmost of the places in India. The corporation makes restitution of explicitofferings for setting up new business and projects with all the contractualassistance.

It is aperfectly systematized premier legal consultancy.  The firm includes leading and reputedlawyers, and industry specialists, who have expertise in diverseindustry-specificprojects, Litigation, Legal Investigation, Legal Inquiries, Legal Reports,Consultancy and supporting to resolve problems in the legal domain. They are enlightenedand have great expertise in litigation before various Courts, Tribunals andForums.

Every lawfirm defines achievement as being in demand on the market, having a presence.It is obvious in the law practice that such success is mainly brought by animage formed in the market. This figure is formed either by a huge investment,marketing, and large establishment or as is the case with the AS &Associates, by the name and eminence of an individual lawyer, supported with awell-organized team. AS & Associatesis a high-powered litigation team led by Amit Shukla who is leading theindustry with his unique, creative and winning strategy and defining thesuccess together.

Amit Shuklahas a long list of accomplishments; he is excellent in legal consultancy andhas been the in industry for 15 years. The genesis of advocacy is ancient inAmit's family that inspires him to make a career in this industry. He is thethird generation Lawyer of his family. He did LL.B. from Lucknow University in2003 and started practice at Lucknow itself. He worked with ActionAid as afellow and also with some organizations on legal issues and started hispractice at Hon'ble High Court and State Consumer Disputes Redressal CommissionU.P.

Amit hasexpertise in providing entire cover for industry-specific projects as all legaland statutory compliances. He engaged with different Business Chambers andAssociations as Guest Speaker for Legal knows. Amit is also the member of TiE UP.

The CEO Magazine's Editorial team recently spoke with Amit abouthis professional journey and throw light on AS & Associates Legal Services.

Here's the edited excerpt

Provide a brief overview of your work domain.

  • Corporate legal consulting and covering theentire organization as well as for Industry specific projects/ Greenfieldprojects
  • Civil & Criminal Litigation
  • Legal Documentation, Litigation andlitigation support.
  • Criminal Law, Company Law, ConsumerProtection, Negotiable Instruments Act, Labour Laws, Arbitration, Contract,Trade-related matters, Lease & License, Land Laws, Financial Matters,Banking matters, Cyber Law related matters

Besides LLB, what are the additionalaccomplishments?

  • LeadershipDevelopment Programme from V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, NOIDA
  • Certificateof Training on "Understanding Information Technology in the CorporateEnvironment" from NIIT in Collaboration with Institute of ICSI
  • Attendeda short-term course for The Capacity Building of Young Lawyers, organized by MCMehta Environmental Foundation

Portray the chronoscope of your progressive journey.Who are your major clients?

My firstclient was TATA Johnson Control Automotives Ltd. Thenceforth; I got contractsfrom diverse consultancies related to legal and statutory compliances forindustry-specific projects. Our major clients include TATA AutoComp SystemsLtd, TATA TOYO Radiator Ltd, RCCL, MM Forgings Ltd, Escorts, TM AutomotiveSeating System Ltd, IMRB International etc.

What challenges did you face at the initial stage ofyour career? And, how did you overcome from them?

When Istarted my practice, people did not rely upon because I am a newcomer and havenot much experience. Many people discouraged me for adopting this profession,but, I was adamant to adopt it and to win at all conditions.

What led you to incorporate this consultancy firm?

Iexperienced that the knowledge of the bureaucratic system is integral and inU.P. and Uttarakhand, there is a vacuum of Law firms having the expertise forgiving entire legal cover for industry-specific projects. Because of that,companies hired different consultants for numerous tasks. With a vision topresent all solutions through a single system, we come up with thiscorporation, we are providing unified cover for industry-specific projects asall legal and statutory compliances and the clients.

Does the law vary from sector to sector? Do thelegal questions facing various industries differ and how do you take them on?

Yes. Everyindustry has its specific zone as white, green, orange and red as per theirstatus. It depends on their production process, HR slabs, project costs etc. Wekeep all the aspects in mind and provide the legal cover by giving theconsultancy to the company/project.

What unique approach do you bring with your firm?

I believe inoutcome-based strategies and bring the same to my organization.There is nohierarchy and work from any place.We work by setting up the timelines and flyto meet them. 

What is your point of view about the Indian legalsystem and its difficulties? And, what is your take on its legal education?

India legalsystem is performing in its best strength. But, there is lacuna of late justice. It happens, due to limited numbersof judges and lacs of cases. Insufficient appointment of judges is a seriousconcern and because of that decisions take time, and people have to suffer. Ithink Legal Education must be incorporated in course from highersecondary.  

What have been the key that opened the door of yoursuccess?

My faithfulnature, using all knowledge and effort without thinking about small or big andgiving my best in every moment is the primary factors of my progress.

Define law in one line. 

Rule toregulate the behaviour

Describe your one-day routine and how do you staymotivated with every day?

I wake up at 6:00 am and do exercise,thereafter take tea with family members. At 9:00, I move for office and gothrough the files, reach court at 10: 30 and after appearing in cases, I comeback to the office and discuss with the team about the work progression ofvarious consultancy projects and also meet with clients. Before going home Ilike to take an hour with some shots of squash. The day full of challenges and learning encourage me to move forward.

What do you like to do when you are not executingyour business?

 I like to write articles on social andeconomic issues and travel to explore the things and way of living.

Who is your inspiration?

Mr RatanTata

Forthcoming Strategies of the organization

AS &Associates Legal Services is lining up to provide consultancy service in UttarPradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

A Piece of Advice for Law Students

Keeping up on the law is more imperative than studying the law.When you approach to protect the interest of law and your client, then leave nostone unturned to give the best.

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