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As the numbers of colleges and coaching centers are rapidly growing, student guidance portals are also increasing. But when students or their parents inquisitively browse the web for an institution or courses, most of the portals make them confused. Many websites carry information which are not authentic. It may ruin a child's career. Realizing this reality, Anwesha Bose and Anand Meena, two alumni of Delhi College of Engineering founded in 2009, to make the information freely available at fingertips of students and job seekers. This portal presents a unique match, provides updates and preparation material of school studies, entrance exams, college admissions, government jobs, talent search exams on time.

With access to information online, the students now have the freedom to be more aware and informed before taking any decision. This platform guides the users providing free access to updated and authentic information for the benefit of all student community. In the journey of making it big in life, succeeding in the arena of education and career, Aglasem will be friend, philosopher and guide of students. From class notes for school students to entrance examination preparation and career guidance, users will find it all in one place. Challenging mock tests help the students in determining strengths and weaknesses.

Having 25 Million page views in each month, ranks among top 500 websites in India as per Alexa. Their offices are located in Netaji Subhash Place and Rohini area in the NCR region, where nearly thirty employees have dedicated themselves for a greater mission to provide unbiased and authentic information. Recently the company has launched digital books for GATE, AFCAT and other exams to kick-start product division. To stay one step ahead in this competitive market, aglasem has adopted an user friendly technology which can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Aglasem is featured in course book of IIM Calcutta by name "Case Studies in Marketing Managment." It has also been featured as a study under "Marketing in Start Up Companies" in this casebook. Earning via a simple ad-based model, the company has also made a platform for information sharing and discussion regarding government jobs.

" What makes us stand aside is that we have been consistent and have been growing. Also, what makes our end users happier is that we provide everything for free. The community that we focus on is demanding. Students already know about many websites, have access to social networking where they can discuss and explore opportunities with their friends. Providing them with just what they need, at the right time is what we do," Aglasem expressed The CEO Magazine.

Key Officials

Anand Meena

The idea of an online education community was formed in Anand's mind, much before the world of internet had taken the gigantic shape that it has today. He studied in the Delhi College of Engineering after completing school education from Gujarat and Rajasthan. Anand likes to keep things simple and uncomplicated, something that has been incorporated in the core functioning of AglaSem as well. 

Anwesha Bose

Giving shape to words and creating crisp designs are some of the things she likes to do. She has studied in the Delhi College of Engineering after completing school education from the NCR. Her vision is to see the company grow into the ranks of the internet giants, and is actively working to make that happen.

Both the founders were batch mates and have been working together to create a free and easily accessible online system wherein the student community can benefit the most.

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