Customers and Brand Loyalty are prime points to Grid Logic

Customers and Brand Loyalty are prime points to Grid Logic

Customers and Brand Loyalty are prime points to Grid Logic

to capture the Business Intelligence market

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In the globalized market, a big challenge, any company can face, is that of constantly creating new features for its end user to remain loyal to their brand. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the company Grid Logic software takes their motto of Innovation, Security and Automation very seriously; being sensitive to their customer base and market trends has gone a long way for them in overcoming this necessity – it has added strikingly to their success. To expanded their services, they have already set up offices in the other parts of the country. The group has already created their footmark in Cyprus, UK and Singapore.

Considering that they are an exclusive turnkey solution provider, along with their unique innovation – AI (Artificial Intelligence), they are way ahead of their competition in the space they govern. Customers and Brand Loyalty are their prime points of focus to capture market share. The company, Grid Logic Software works with several gaming operators, merchants of other associated verticals, marketing and publishing agencies, social media partners, payment gateway solutions, software providers, etc. They have been working with market giants like Skrill, Facebook, Google etc.

It's totally self-funded. Parikshit Madishetty runs the firm with his own resources, since he founded the company in 2010. For the immediate future Grid Logic plans to foray into the highly lucrative mobile and social avenues. The company is currently considering all proposed projects and evaluating investors – if there is a right match and market trends support it, they are open to further research and exploration. 

Key Person

Parikshit Madishetty Managing Director 

Parikshit has always been passionate about everything to do with online gaming. He completed his engineering degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Information Technology, attended  IIM Calcutta and took up an internship with a UK online gaming company. He eventually founded Grid Logic Software armed with this valuable experience and his excellent business sense.

Presently, his company is a leading provider of online gaming products and services, and caters to both B2B as well as B2C businesses. Their areas of expertise include technology, games, marketing, operations and ePayments. The company endeavours to bring groundbreaking innovation to our end users with everything they unleash into the market.

" We endeavour to be a one stop shop for all gaming needs, and our road map has been chalked out comprehensively to make sure we get there sooner rather than later. Within the next three years, our vision is for a greater variety of games and services to be developed here, a complete global reach and a strong lead in market share for Grid Logic Software and its brands." said a spokesperson from the company .  "Our tagline lists our three major differentiating factors – innovation, security and automation. We resolutely focus on these and are constantly researching to implement them in every aspect of the business. This has helped us stay at the top of our game in the industry in terms of user interface and overall experience across all our many offerings." he added.

The company boasts of vast hands-on experience in the marketing and operations areas, which only made sense to develop their very own indigenous eGame Control System (cGCS) platform that supports popular games like bingo, casino, poker, rummy, etc. Their games and assets are industry-favourites, evidenced by their huge number of returning customers. This is not only the basis on which their success stands, but also a contributing factor as they chart out further milestones and their roadmap; innovation drives them at every step of the way.

Their first milestone was back in 2010 when they launched product and games in real time. Even they have had numerous since, but right at the top among the most noteworthy ones is definitely when they launched online rummy brand – Taj Rummy – in India. The company, Grid Logic is proud to be India's first ever rummy platform to be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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