Dussehra 2023

Sending Heartfelt Wishes and Blessings for the Triumph of Good over Evil
Dussehra 2023
Dussehra 2023Sending Heartfelt Wishes and Blessings for the Triumph of Good over Evil

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is a significant and vibrant Hindu festival celebrated with great enthusiasm across India. It marks the triumph of good over evil, symbolising the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana. 

As we approach Dussehra on October 24, 2023, it's not just a time for festive fervour but also an occasion to send heartfelt wishes and blessings to your loved ones.

This article explores the essence of Dussehra and offers a collection of warm wishes and blessings to celebrate this auspicious day.

Wishes for Dussehra 2023

  • May the divine blessings of Goddess Durga empower you with strength and courage to overcome all obstacles in life. Happy Dussehra!

  • On this auspicious day, may your life be filled with joy, peace, and prosperity. Wishing you a very Happy Dussehra!

  • Let the victory of good over evil inspire you to conquer your inner demons and emerge as a better person. Happy Dussehra!

  • As you celebrate Dussehra, may all your troubles burn away, just like the effigy of Ravana. Wishing you a victorious and blissful life.

  • On this special day, I pray that your life is filled with the sweetness of victory and the blessings of the divine. Happy Dussehra!

  • May the spirit of Dussehra fill your heart with love, happiness, and positivity. Wishing you and your family a blessed Dussehra.

  • Just as Lord Rama destroyed evil to establish dharma, may you conquer all the negativities in your life and find peace and success. Happy Dussehra!

  • Dussehra is a time to celebrate the victory of truth and righteousness. May your life be a reflection of these virtues. Happy Dussehra!

Dussehra 2023
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Blessings for Dussehra 2023

  • May the blessings of Lord Rama be with you, guiding you on the path of righteousness and virtue.

  • May the courage of Goddess Durga empower you to face life's challenges with determination and resilience.

  • I bless you with a life filled with love, happiness, and success, just as Lord Rama's life after defeating Ravana.

  • May the divine light of Dussehra illuminate your path and lead you to a future filled with prosperity and harmony.

  • On this Dussehra, I pray that you receive the wisdom to distinguish between right and wrong and always choose the path of righteousness.

  • May the blessings of the goddesses shower upon you, protecting you from all harm and granting you inner peace.

  • As you celebrate Dussehra, may you be blessed with the strength to overcome all adversities and emerge victorious.


Dussehra is a festival that holds deep cultural and spiritual significance in India. It's a time for reflection on the triumph of good over evil and a celebration of the victory of righteousness.

As you exchange wishes and blessings on this auspicious day in 2023, remember that the spirit of Dussehra is not just about external victories but also the triumph of one's inner demons. 

May this Dussehra bring light, joy, and prosperity into your life and the lives of your loved ones. Happy Dussehra!

Dussehra 2023
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Dussehra 2023
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