Sagarika Ghose

A Pioneer in Journalism and Literature
Sagarika Ghose
Sagarika GhoseA Pioneer in Journalism and Literature

Early Life and Family Roots

Born on November 8, 1964, Sagarika Ghose stands tall as a distinguished Indian journalist, celebrated columnist, and successful author. Her roots in public service and diplomacy run deep, with a father, Bhaskar Ghose, who served as a member of the Indian Administrative Service and Director General of Doordarshan.

Notable figures in her family, like aunts Arundhati Ghose and Ruma Pal, further emphasise their commitment to public service and justice.

Educational Journey

Sagarika's academic journey began at Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram, and continued with a bachelor's degree in history from St. Stephen's College, Delhi. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to Oxford, where she earned a Bachelor's in Modern History and an M.Phil. from St Antony's College as a Rhodes Scholar in 1987.

Sagarika Ghose
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Dynamic Career in Journalism

Commencing her journalistic career in 1991, Sagarika Ghose contributed significantly to prestigious publications such as The Times of India, Outlook magazine, and The Indian Express.

Her impact extended to television as the deputy editor and prime-time anchor on CNN-IBN, where her show 'Question Time India' broke new ground.

Despite garnering both admiration and criticism for her work, Ghose's influential Twitter interview with Arvind Kejriwal in 2013 set a precedent for social media interactions with political figures.

In 2014, she bid farewell to CNN-IBN after its acquisition by Reliance Industries Ltd.

Awards and Recognitions

Sagarika Ghose's journalistic prowess earned her several accolades, including the NT Award for Best Public Debate Show and the Gr8-ITA Award for Excellence in Journalism. Her alma mater, St Stephen's College, honoured her with the CF Andrews Award for Distinguished Alumnus.

Sagarika Ghose
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Literary Contributions

Beyond journalism, Ghose made her mark in literature with novels like 'The Gin Drinkers' and 'Blind Faith.' Her biography of Indira Gandhi and the manifesto 'Why I Am A Liberal' showcased her versatility. In 2022, she released a biography of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Personal Life

Married to journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, the couple has two children, Ishan and Tarini.

In her ongoing illustrious career, Sagarika Ghose remains a prominent voice, contributing to public discourse and shaping narratives on critical socio-political issues in India.

Sagarika Ghose
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