Working fromhome during the lockdown is a result of COVID-19, but making sure your businessnot only survives this situation but also come out of it stronger is a keychallenge in front of many business owners especially small business owners orstart-up owners.

Start-ups arealways formed with a certainrisk factor and their role in the ever-changing market and now the ownersof these endeavours have a challenge of working from home. Many businesses likesuch are consisting of a small team but some of them are working at a biggerscale.  

Coronavirus(COVID-19) has drastically changed the business landscape in 2020, with morestart-ups than ever and their employees to increase in working from home. So,what is the situation now? While many employees already do some work remotely,many start-ups and their team members are still trying to adjust to thisparadigm shift.


Well, first ofall, increase in working from home means more distractions. And thesedistractions are further added with fewer ways to interact naturally withfellow employees, and more social isolation which ultimately and collectivelyleads to less productivity.

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Naturally, thisquestion arises and employers should explore new ways to manage and collaboratewith employees and enable more ways for employees to connect. We, at Start-upcity, have curated few ways to help your start-up with some of working fromhome tips for employees.

Here are waysyou can keep your team productive while working from home tips for success.

  • Equipping Team with Tech andProductivity Tools

Initially,working from home for teams requires them to have one of the most importantworkings from home tips for employees to help teams succeed while workingremotely, i.e. to get the tools to help them stay connected and productive.

What do thesetools include?

  • Work from home productivitytracker apps such as Asana and Airtable
  • Chat/messaging apps such asSlack and Microsoft Teams
  • Video conferencing apps such asZoom and Google Hangouts.

In a scenario ofeveryone being in isolated in their respective locations, without any physicalcontact, these are the applications for working from home for teams to ensurethat everyone stays on the same page no matter where they are working from.

  • Establish Daily Check-Ins

Checking up onthe team is an essential working from home tips for the team. While workingfrom home is a situation present, everything is not as same as before wherethey are used to getting daily face time with employees and employees not beingable to chat around the proverbial water cooler. So, creating a daily check-inroutine is of highest precedence to set priorities and foster connections.

A morningcheck-in via video chat, phone call or instant message can create a sense ofnormalcy. These check-ins can be one-on-one or held among small groups forwhich one may want to use a video conferencing app to have a virtual version ofthe same meeting each morning.

  • Encourage DedicatedWorkspaces

Now, what weusually see is that the regular office workers have never needed dedicatedworkspace in their homes, but if they are now regularly working from home, itis the responsibility of the managers to encourage the creation of home officesthat are separate from communal space as working from home tips for success. Insome cases, companies have even offered large stipends to help workers createappropriate, productive spaces for remote work.

The dedicated workspaces from where the start-ups can ensure easy and productive working from home for teams is a way to help liberate the employees from the normal distractions from home life. The team can be inclusive of the parents who are in lockdown at home with their children due to school closures and so an office away from family can allow you to maintain focus and stay on task. Where can be this temporary office be set up as working from the home tip for teams?

It can be set upin the guest room, basement, attic or walk-in closet to help one mentallyseparate work from home.

  • Offer Emotional and Steady Support

Having anxietyand stress in this scenario is only normal and hence one as a team manager orstart-up owner has a huge responsibility to ensure that one does not become aprey of the working from home side effects like loneliness and negative emotionsand should do what they can to provide emotional support to employees as one ofthe workings from home tips for teams.

What to do?

Start withsetting up the tone for the virtual offices with a calm and upbeat presence, bemore available than usual for check-ins and other questions that may come upgiven the unfamiliar circumstances along with the fixed virtual office hoursand be present on instant messaging apps throughout the day to help employees.

  • Last But Not The Least: SelfCare 

Leaders shouldadditionally encourage self-care among their employees with activities likeexercise, get quality sleep, take showers, and continue with lives as normallyas they can.

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