Data Centre Consultancy of Cypress Solutions Helping Clients to Determine the Best Technology According to Budget

Arun Sharma, The founder
Arun Sharma, The founder

Cypress Solutions

Starting its journey in 2001 as a networking solutions consulting firm, Cypress Solutions has kept its focus on delivering world-class Passive IT Infrastructure solutions and invested heavily in training manpower and tools.

At present, this enterprise is fully equipped to offer services such as Consulting, Turnkey delivery, Training, and Audit of Data Centres within India and abroad.

Owing to their strategic focus and partnerships Cypress has accumulated massive knowledge and invaluable experience in the Data Centre industry.

The company has established strong partnerships with most of the leading NSI (National System Integrators) in India to act as their extended Design and Execution arm for Data Centre projects.

It has grown into all OSI Seven Layer models. The company has also ventured into Data Center Solutions, Training, and Consulting Services.

With offices strategically located in Noida, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Dehradun, the company plays a vital role in enhancing enterprise efficiency by relieving them of the complexities associated with designing and implementing passive IT Infrastructure. This approach enables organizations to concentrate on their core business operations and functions.

Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Solutions with Data-Driven Services

Cypress Solutions offers end-to-end services encompassing design, engineering, and installation, covering passive components like electrical systems, civil infrastructure, conditioned power (UPS, SMPS), BMS, as well as active components for voice, data, and video solutions for both wired and wireless LAN & WAN requirements.

The company is committed to providing data services enriched with analytics, including CFD analysis, What-If analysis for equipment MAC (Move, Add, Change) in Data Centres, and NOC services for remote infrastructure management.

Monitoring and Adherence Assurance

Cypress Solutions maintains its client relationships through top-tier consulting services and project delivery within the agreed parameters of Quality, Time, and Budget, with a strong emphasis on its consulting staff possessing extensive project delivery experience.

An in-house team ensures the monitoring and adherence to mutually agreed parameters, addressing any project deviations promptly to guarantee seamless project execution.

Auditing Excellence: Comprehensive Solutions at Cypress

Cypress Solutions boasts a proficient auditing team well-versed in handling extensive HT & LT installations, including large Data Centres. Their vast experience with sizable chillers, motors, pumps, UPSs, and DG sets enables them to swiftly identify and address problem areas.

The Data Centre audit portfolio at Cypress encompasses a Power Audit, Cooling Audit, LSS Audit (Life Safety and security), and Environmental Audit. For the specialized LSS and Environmental Audits, Cypress collaborates with domain experts possessing extensive Data Centre experience.

The company has made substantial investments in various tools and testers required for Data Centre audits. It maintains a team of trained resources proficient in using these tools, ensuring that there are no external dependencies in delivering top-tier audit services.

Arun Sharma, The founder
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Solutions & Services of Cypress Solutions

• Structured Cabling•Fire Alarm System

•Routing and switching solutions•IP Surveillance•Storage Solutions•PA system

•Wireless Solutions•CCTV Security Solutions

•Firewall security

•Building Management Solutions

•Network Management

•Energy Audit & Management solutions 

•Data Centre (Consultancy, Trunkey projects & FMS)

•Security Command & Control center 

•Disaster Recovery Center

• ATM Management Solution

•Annual Maintenance Contract

•GPON Solutions

•Real Time Asset Management Solution

• Corporate Training

Founder Profile: Arun Sharma's Diverse Expertise

Arun Sharma, the founder of Cypress Solutions, possesses a diverse skill set and educational background. With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (BE), he has demonstrated his proficiency in various professional domains. His expertise extends to IT networking solutions, where he excels in designing, implementing, and managing complex networks. Furthermore, Arun has a deep understanding of data centre operations, network security, and passive physical infrastructure.

In addition to his core competencies, Arun Sharma has a strong grasp of energy management solutions, building management systems, and building Automation solutions. His wide-ranging knowledge and skills have been honed through years of hands-on experience in these areas.

Arun Sharma has obtained certifications from renowned global entities, including Northern Telecom in Canada, Siemon in the USA, and BICC Brand-Rex in the UK. These certifications validate his expertise in network infrastructure, cabling, and related technologies.

One of Arun Sharma's notable achievements is his status as one of the earliest Uptime Institute-certified Accredited Tier Specialists (ATS) in the country. This certification reflects his commitment to bringing international data center standards to the Indian market.


Under Arun Sharma's visionary leadership, Cypress Solutions has earned recognition for its outstanding contributions. The company was named the Partner of Choice by Religare Technova in 2012 for its comprehensive data centre solutions. Additionally, Cypress Solutions received a CRISIL SE-2B rating in 2011, a testament to its high-performance standards.

In 2014, GEA Denco of Germany acknowledged Cypress Solutions as a Partner of Choice for data center-related projects in India, highlighting the company's reputation for excellence and reliability in the industry.

Future Goals

Commenting on the future of Data Centre, Mr. Arun Sharma, CEO of Cypress Solutions, said, "Most DC would be made by government organizations because of the network consolidation which shall take place for the next few years and end to end process automation which would get pushed by initiatives like Digital India & E-Governance of the Indian Government. The workload of this kind of Data Centre would increase by more than double by 2019. "

"However, most of the corporates would move to cloud-based services and this market is expected to grow more than double over the same time. For organizations involved in offering DC Solution, there is a huge opportunity as Govt. the business would offer stability and Corporate business would offer growth."

"In our technical teams, we have certified resources that would cover the guidelines given by TIA – 942 & Uptime Institute separately. These are the two international agencies that most organizations refer to when it comes to Data Centre build.

We are also working to have certified resources by IDCA (International Data Centre Authority) shortly. So practically we shall be covering every thought process which is respected in this business domain.

We deliberately involve BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) Certified resources in every DC project we do. We also have on our board the country's first ICRA-registered Lead Tutor and Auditor for ISO 50001 (Energy Management System) who can help our client to see the requirement from ISO 50001 perspective also.

As Data Centres are huge energy guzzlers, we strongly believe that going forward this would be one of the biggest needs of all the Data Centres which would get built in the future," Mr. Sharma added further.

Delivering Wholesome Accountability: Cypress Solutions' Turnkey Execution

Cypress Solutions prides itself on retaining its customers through high-quality consulting efforts and project delivery within the agreed project parameters of Quality, Time, and Budget.

To ensure this, Cypress Solutions mandates its consulting staff to have project delivery experience.

This practice ensures that the consultant, while designing a solution is not only aware of the theoretical as well as the practical challenges of the project. Thus, ensuring that the proposed solution not only looks good on paper but is realistic to be implemented within the agreed project framework of Quality, Time and Budget.

Further, "there is a separate in-house team to monitor adherence to mutually agreed parameters and to raise alarm in the unlikely event of a deviation," Mr. Sharma emphasises.

Arun Sharma, The founder
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Arun Sharma, The founder
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