Everyone Lives for the Dream
Everyone Lives for the DreamEveryone Lives for the Dream

Everyone Lives for the Dream

Everyone Lives for the Dream

After having a hectic day today coaching people on presentation skills I strongly felt that anything or everything we do in life,  Somewhere we do it for that invisible force of mother nature we call it a Dream.

The social scientist, the behavioral analyst, and people who are so-called qualified would come to a consensus on what makes the human spirit unique, unlike animals that they can dream.

It has been a long, boring, and pathetic decade of procrastinating about writing a book for never coming tomorrow. I am still not sure whether this book would be a handful of information inspiring people to trigger penning down their thoughts for the masses.

If I do a total recall and try to turn the pages of history and go back with a stream of time, I still get that painful nostalgic feeling when I lost my younger brother that evening during my graduation days and stood firmly on the edge of my chair thought about to find a solution why people die.

That moment of truth instigated me to become a cardiologist, quite possibly like Dr. Christian Bernard. I was too cowardly to look into the black soul of the monster we call death. The second time I encountered writing something about my dad as a mark of tribute to my childhood hero.

Everyone Lives for the Dream
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During the short journey of tragedies, I kept myself reminding and auto-suggesting that a day come when I would start compiling my thoughts to tell the world with a bang how one should not complain about losing their loved ones but rather be gratified about all those sweet memories that you had.

Regretting is the pain that I was born on my already tired shoulder of inscribing a few lovely moments that I shared with my younger brother "GUDDU."

Just like any other amateur writer or poet, I kept the title in the archive of my memories as pain and pleasure of brotherhood. During my college days like any other normal guy, I could have dated beautiful girls, or taken them for a ride on my friend's bike but rather I chose a different destiny to come home early in the evening and spend time with Sabyasachi (Guddu).

The small world around him used to know him as a little genius. Some used to refer to him to flaunt their vocals as a prodigy but for me today he is not a faint memory I lived him every day.

When I see two young infants of construction workers playing near the roadside, it moves me to think about how economics helps business dynamics and fancy roles create a rift between brothers when they grow up in life.

I believe destiny is so clever is so not wily that it unlocks your potential to start a beginning, to do something that is very much encrypted in your DNA. I don't want to sandwich my thoughts of defending the defenseless and justifying my readers of writing a book.

But somewhere I strongly feel that time doesn't come and go, we come and we do away, and time is standing still. Every time I fell in life losing hope and in utter despair what kept me bouncing back was to take charge of my life.

The hot pursuit not only assured me of a roller coaster ride with learning at every step and kept my shoulders grounded. But at times you need to be shameless about your achievements to inspire people around you.

This train of thought in the form of this book would reach not in communicating but connecting for people who are ambitious yet human, who resonates in every cell of their cytoplasm (body) that 95% of people know that they are born and 5% of people know why.

This book is for those five percent of people who "WHY "they do THAT they do. This book is not for people who have a higher IQ, higher EQ, or higher SQ (Spiritual Quotient).

Emphatically, this book is for people who have XQ (Executional Quotient) which signifies that there should not be a talker, "there should be a doer in life".

It's globally very true that ideas without execution are a delusion. Unfortunately called technocrats and management practitioners those who come out from top "T" and "B" Schools maintain their password of life as delusion.

I like any one of you tried feeling my inner voice and butchered it to a pulp so many umpteen times of something that kept burning the fuel of enthusiasm as a spark; we better know it today as a dream. As they say that….

Everyone Lives for the Dream
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Everyone Lives for the Dream
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