Do you know what Internet neutrality is?

Do you know what Internet neutrality is?

Today, we are working towards technology; we are going to make our India a digital India in few years from today. It is not easy to get this Infrastructure. Each and every company starts in India thinks of their website before launching it officially.

Social networking starts from Google`s product orkut (presently closed) and now shifted to Facebook. Every citizen is on the social media stating from the Student to the 50+ year old professor, and A Grade officer to the 4th Class Servant in the government offices. Today, internet becomes the need of the time. If you don`t have a Smartphone, then you are not social. If you visit in a public places instead of talking to the person nearby, you will find they are chatting to the virtual friends.

Since last few days, we are hearing the some words related to Internet Neutrality, Save the Internet and related to that. Do you what exactly it is? I will try to explain what it is and what would be the impact on Internet if it launched.

If you are going to visit a website then ISP`s (Internet Service Providers) and telecom operators will have the access and control to the websites that you are visiting, how many times you are visiting and how fast the website opens and how much you pay to access the content, videos and many other services on the internet.

Internet is the ocean of knowledge, it should be accessible to all and access to the internet should be neutral.  It should be equal to all the websites, it should have the same data cost for each site. The speed of the websites also should be equal and independent from the selection of the Internet service providers.

It clearly says, that neutrality is no censorship on the selection of the websites, no speed up or low of the websites and no telecom style licensing of internet companies.

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