SK Robotics will introduce Robot in every home by 2020.

SK Robotics will introduce Robot in every home by 2020.

SK Robotics will introduce Robot in every home by 2020.

   As automation is becoming more and more important in today's world, robotics as a system is also becoming more acceptable and adoptable in various sectors. Apart from hospitality, medical and industrial sectors, robot driven services are now used for domestic work also. SK Robotics is a specialist in operating robots and providing the best robotic services for cleaning applications at the most affordable prices. SK Group gives the guarantee of exceeding international standards. The company has turned into a competitor to the market leaders like ABB, KUKA, PANASONIC, TOYOTA, FANUC, SCHNEIDER and SIEMENS. Surprisingly enough, the products offered by SK Robotics are cheaper than even the China-made products.

   The company has already signed seven service dealerships in India. The group's turnover in its formation year was a modest 2.5 million INR and from then on, it has only scaled new heights of success every year. Having six years of experience in Robots and Robot Development, SK Robotics assembles, distributes and provides services to robot having consumers. Its headquarters is based in Mumbai, whereas factories and service centers are located in several cities across India.

   SK Robotics has been selected as the Best Robot manufacturer in India in 2014 by its customers.

The group is proud to have professionals, who have grown with the organization. The average tenure of the core team is 12 years. This qualified team has the likes of executive directors, general managers and senior managers who have laid the foundation for the group's current structure. In this fast evolving world, the group's executive director believes that faster and reliable deliveries will determine the growth. Leading from the front, the ED is supported by general managers and all other team leaders. With 700 dedicated employees working under 14 visionary leaders, the group is poised to keep SK quality a reliable benchmark worldwide.

Our Brands –

   Our brands typically have a discrete marketing plan, analysis of competition, and marketing campaign even though they may be part of a larger business entity. SK Robotics all together has seven brands of businesses;

  1. Consumer robots: Customers uses these robots for their own personal use. SK ROBOTICS has three types of consumer robots which are: Vacuum Cleaning Robots, Swimming Pool Cleaning Robots, and Glass Cleaning Robots. 
  1. Industrial robots: These robots are used in various industrial applications such as manufacturing companies, Oil industries etc. SK Robotics offers two types of Industrial robots – Duct Cleaning Robots and Dustbin robots. 
  1. YRC-Your Robotic Consultancy: Behind YRC, their main objective is to replace human interaction and make the plant fully automated. Factory automation service robots and customized robot development is their forte. They will close the gap between cost and automation. 
  1. Integrated Robotics Services: India's first cross-integrated robot service provider for all service and industrial robots having industrial and commercial applications. Their specialty lies in providing the best robot services across all functions at the most affordable prices. 
  1. Original Design Manufacturing: ODM is a never before heard of concept in the automation industry. If someone has a design of a robot, he/she can contact ODM to get that design realized practically and manufactured at an affordable cost. 
  1. Home and Office Robotics: According to the customer's office or household requirements, SK Robotics designs the robot which will fulfill customer's requirements. These robots may vary according to the customer applications.
  1. International Robotic Company: This section deals with the customers located outside India. Just because IRC is an Indian based company with a strong foothold, that doesn't mean they don't cater to international needs. The international customer base is slowly, but steadily increasing for IRC.


The Lalit Hotel, JW Marriott, Shangri-la, Renaissance Hotel, The leela hotel, ITC Maratha,

Blue Star, NDTS, Mr.Clean pvt Ltd, Airflow Ducting Solutions, ISS, Hydraflux, Manmachine

Sparklean, Shapoorji Pallonji, Regency Group, Sahney, Reliance Industries, Alembic Pharma, Emcure.

Chairman of SK Robotics 

   A pioneer in technological businesses, SK Robotics's Chairman Mr. Nitin Motani has developed and managed India's largest narrow Fabric Textile Machinery manufacturing business.

His company has been exporting Machinery & Raw materials to 35 countries across the globe. His financial expertise and strategic thoughts have contributed distinctively to the group's success within the country and abroad. A doer rather than a man of words, Mr. Motani handles the commercial operations and international marketing responsibilities. Ensuring their dominance in the sector, he spends time envisioning the challenges of next generation and inspires the group to seek newer benchmarks.

   SK Robotics is also a house of professional Robotic experts, who not only reduce risk of making wrong decisions, but also keep your technology up to date, easily and effortlessly.

Their advice enables enterprises to provide better services adopting robot-driven technology.

   "We aim to implement Robot-driven technology in every home by 2020. People will be able to gain more benefits over it and more effectively using robotics as a support system. We are able to set up robot manufacturing facilities and gather more benefits so that we can take the manufacturing of robots not only for the domestic market but also for the international market. We aspire to become the OEM supplier to the world of robotic industry," the spokesperson of SK Robotics expressed The CEO Magazine.

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