The future will see Pervacio challenge market convention and embrace change: Sanjay Kanodia, CEO of Pervacio

The future will see Pervacio challenge market convention and embrace change: Sanjay Kanodia, CEO of Pervacio

The future will see Pervacio challenge market convention and embrace change: Sanjay Kanodia, CEO of Pervacio

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Maintaining the highest standards of ethics, honesty and openness and supporting Fortune 500 customers in more than 35 countries, USA born Pervacio has become a global leader in mobile device automation solutions for any device on any network in any organization. The company delivers its solutions through a web-based software management platform for mobile device suppliers across the retail, enterprise (government and security) and warehouse sectors, as well as insurance underwriters and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It also offers self-serve solutions through in-store kiosks and apps for on-device management. By combining extensive technology acumen with industry knowledge, Pervacio always aims to exceed client expectations.This is achieved by building world-class products that support businesses throughout the mobile supply chain in containing the cost of device management.

This firm was established in 2004 by software technology industry expert Sanjay Kanodia, who has hands-on experience in building and developing enterprise class software solutions. In 2008, Pervacio signed up its first major US-based mobile telecommunications carrier, opened its first Indian campus and introduced  the company's flagship data-wipe product. Pervacio raised Series A first round funding in 2010 from venture capitalists in the USA and successfully  purchasedthe investment back in 2015 with a positive return for investors. For the past five years, Pervacio has consistently doubled its revenues and has been cash-flow positive for six years in a row. In 2011, the company opened its Hungary development centre. The following year, Pervacio doubled in size again and signed up two more major mobile telecommunications carriers. The company also set up its UK operations and recorded four straight quarters of rapid growth. In 2015, Pervacio extended still further, adding to its product solutions mix for warehouse and retail applications, opening another R&D campus in India and set up product campuses in Japan, Australia and Singapore. This year the company has opened a new regional development hub in the UK to support its European client base and a new centre in Finland for the Scandinavian markets.

Presently Pervacio operates in Canada, Hungary, India, Japan, Finland, Australia and the UK.  Its four hundred employees work in 12 different offices across five continents and the  company has plans to hire another 400 people by the end of this year.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) based company, Pervacio provides network carriers, retailers, enterprises and warehouses with a unified solution to manage every type of mobile device, irrespective of the network, the operating platform, or where the device is in its life cycle. For carriers and retailers in particular, Pervacio helps them to be more successful by improving the customer experience at multiple touch points. Pervacio understands that its future depends on the sustainable success of its clients and partners. To this end, the company develops collaborative business relationships and ensures it fullyunderstands  its customers and their needs. Every experience with every customer forms part of a long-term, mutually beneficial journey.

What differentiates Pervacio from many others in the field is that it is acutely conscious of its social and environmental footprint. The company believes that everyone is a global citizen and part of one global ecosystem, so it commits to protecting its employees, safeguarding the environment and making a measurable and sustained difference to the communities in which it operates.

The company recognises the value of partnerships and this approach drives everything that the company sets out to achieve. Partnering with Microsoft, Apple, Google, LG, Samsung and IBM, the company has achieved an enviable position. Now Pervacio's mission is to provide a single unified mobile device platform for carriers, original equipment manufacturers, retailers and enterprises so they can deliver superior customer service, thereby enhancing the customer experience, while lowering costs.

Founder & CEO of Pervacio, Sanjay Kanodia, spotted the need for a comprehensive device management platformwell before it was recognised as a need by the general market. He was part of fast moving technology companies such as Riverbed during rapid growth and acquisition periods. Sanjay began his engineering and management career at Image Memory Systems. He also led successful development teams at ISSI in Washington, D.C.,withManugistics (now JDA), with mobile software pioneer Riverbed Technologies and at Aether Systems, where Sanjay established and managed technology partnerships. Sanjay holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Dayton, Ohio, and a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Bengaluru University.

His company's global goal is to provide a smarter way to develop the best technological solution to manage the complexities of the forward and reverse supply chain for all mobility products.

"The future will see Pervacio continuing to think big, to challenge market convention and to embrace change. We will continue to deliver consistently high levels of satisfaction for customers through a right-first-time approach. By developing ever more intimate business relationships,we will continue to safeguard the environment in which we operate, driving more and more growth through our steadfast commitment to total integrity," Sanjay Kanodia asserted.

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