GATE CSE – India’s largest online platform for Computer Science Education

GATE CSE – India’s largest online platform for Computer Science Education

GATE CSE –   India's largest online platform for Computer Science Education

With 85000 members, GATECSE is India's largest forum for  Computer Science.

GATE CSE is a community of top Computer Science engineers . Many of them are from IISc and IITs,  but not necessarily limited to them. We have awesome computer scientists and hackers from not so popular colleges, employees of MNCs sharing their programming knowledge, well-wishers from US with non-engineering background helping in managing the group. Its a consortium of these platforms which have agreed to collaborate and share.  – Q/A platform – the stackoverflow for GATE – platform connecting all CS engineers in India – Facebook group for discussions

GATE CSE, helps  students preparing for Computer Science related exams.    We help students prepare for   exams like GATE and also in programming interviews.   The focus is on topics like Algorithms, Operating systems, Databases, Mathematics and Computer theory.

The platform is  an online classroom, where students can post any question on computer science and expect an answer within minutes. There are mentors who answer the questions and ensure the quality of answers posted by others.

 About GATE –

GATE is an all-India examination for post-graduation admission into IIT / IISc The exam is scheduled to be on February 7-8, 2015. To help aspirants in Computer Science stream,  was launched by Techtud.  Within few days, we got 1000+ registrations. All the important links needed for GATE preparation are compiled in and notes are present in 

 About GateOverflow

GateOverflow is the Q/A platorm for  CS&IT students. All the previous year GATE questions from 1991 are here and most of themare answered, reviewed and commented by GATECSE community –   GATEOverflow  encourages students to follow right approach to solve a question rather than simply get the solution.  We aim to make the aspirants realise this. And a number of GATE aspirants are thankful for our approach. We're also thankful to a number of IISC and IIT guys who have provided top quality answers both directly as well as indirectly. Only through their contribution we're able to solve these many questions with proper explanation and reference.  GATEOverflow is hoping to become a knowledge repository of questions in computer science. And users can also post any other questions and features like tag search, categories, notifications, favourite option etc make it very easy to locate any question.  Its a free platform driven by volunteers who want to improve the state of CS education in India and make it accessible to everyone.

 About TechTud

Techtud  is a collaborative effort initialized by experts from IITs and IISc. It is a non-profit ambitious 'Sociotechnical Project' with an aim to create a completely free, reachable and interactive online educational environment.

It's platform has various embedded social media features along with its well structured and modularized contents making the process of learning more engaging. An array of contents on any topic in the form of videos, illustrations, examples, short notes and resources give its members the freedom to learn or contribute in any format. Apart from that quizzes and discussions, there is a way to students to clarify their doubts. Contents are automatically ordered as per user ratings to ensure that the quality contents remain at the top.

Students can use Techtud as a resource bank and learn in a better way by interacting with other students and experts. If they are confident enough, they can contribute contents in various forms . Teachers can use it to create a living online profile which will grow continuously as a proof of their skills and passion for teaching.    Around 1.5 million engineers pass out every year, but a vast majority of them are rarely employable, primarily due to lack of basic concepts. Techtud aims to change this scenario.

 About our Facebook group 

Started by Arvind Devaraj,  it is interesting to see the Facebook group reach 85000 people. It started as a simple mailing list in 2006 and then continued in orkut .   In 2009,  Balaji Vishwanathan started a website NalandaU to bring online education to people who cannot afford the likes of Stanford. This was way before Coursera and even KhanAcademy was in infacy.  We had a brief discussion with him about making education affordable to everyone. We started collecting lot of study materials. Then we realized getting the students together on a single platform was the harder part  rather than collecting the study materials. Facebook was one platform where students hang around. We started the Facebook group in 2010.

The primary admins are Arjun Suresh, Arvind Devaraj, Rajesh Pandey,  Bikram and Kathleen. It is easy to answer questions for one or two years, but to maintain the same enthusiasm for years like Arjun Suresh is difficult. Rajesh was doing admin task for years as volunteer. Kathleen is from United States and has created more impact in lives of Indian students than many bureaucrats could achieve. Bikram is relentlessly pursuing the goal of free education for all. We are highly indebted to the numerous contributors and it would take a page to mention their names. The list is maintained at Being admin or contributor here is a hard job, where there are no external rewards, except for the feeling inside your heart that you have really helped someone and made a positive difference in their life.

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