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DJ's Acting Studio
DJ's Acting Studio

In a dipstick study conducted by DJ's Acting Studio recently among 100 working professionals, a question was asked, "If all your financial obligations are met, would you still be in your current job".

90 % of the respondents said "No"

When further probed as to what they would like to do, a lot expressed interest in pursuing a creative or artistic profession.

One of the key interests was the desire to act, to be seen on screen or stage at least once. But the security of a job with a steady salary made many consider the option

Responding to the innate need in many a professional, DJ's Acting Studio has been at the forefront of conducting acting workshops for students and working professionals to nurture the desire to see oneself either on stage or screen. Perhaps the only acting workshop that grooms a person for both the stage and the camera.

The Chief Catalyst of DJ's Acting Studio Deepak Justin or DJ as he is fondly called says, "The ability to put yourself in the body, mind and voice of another being – real or imaginary and to live the self convincingly is an art that is greater than playing an instrument or a sport. The only instrument the actor has to work on is himself or herself. "

Here's a workshop that attempts to sincerely connect the aspiring actor to the craft in simple, easy-to-do, well-researched, clinically proven practical techniques that will unleash the actor effortlessly.

Above all, the whole program is structured in a manner that the whole experience will be fun and enjoyment

DJ's Acting Studio
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Some of the aspects that will be covered in the workshop are

  • The golden triangle of acting

  • What is your actor's magic

  • Overcoming stage fear

  • Discovering the physical actions

–          Understanding body language,

–          Facial expressions,

–          Gestures and

–          Mannerisms

–          Exercises for making the actor's body ready for acting

  • Relaxation and concentration techniques for an actor

  • Finding a purpose

–          Overall objective

–          Scene objective

  • Props – using different kinds of props

  • Understanding characterization

  • Creating chemistry between characters

  • Creating a reservoir of characters.

  • Reading, interpreting, and speaking lines

  • Obstacles

  • Voice and breathing exercises

  • Accents and dictions

  • Monodrama

  • Group dynamics

  • Improvisation

  • Reenactment

  • Sense memory

  • An insight into different forms of acting

  • Simple acting tools

  • Acting for stage

  • Acting for camera

  • Various techniques – Method acting, The Stanislavsky Method, The Chubback Technique, the Meisner Technique, The Lee Strasberg Method, etc.,

For further details call 98450 23416 or 98453 97296

DJ's Acting Studio
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DJ's Acting Studio
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