10 Smart Businesses Ideas to Start with Low Investment

10 Smart Businesses Ideas to Start with Low Investment

10 Smart Businesses Ideas to Start with LowInvestment

Puja Bhardwaj|Startup City Magazine

Many people have a dream to start their own business venture, but they stop due to different reasons. Sometimes, they do not find any appropriate business idea, sometimes capital becomes a big problem. Startup City always strives to resolve the problems of startups.

This time, we havecome up with the list of the some wonderful business concepts that can bestarted with minimum investment.

  • Affiliate Sales and Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiestbusinesses. Here, you earn a commission by promoting other companies' productsand services. In this business, you select any particular product or service,promote it, and make a profit on each sale that stems from your marketingefforts.

  • Beauty Treatment

If you wish to try something new and have aninterest in makeup, start in your business in providing beauty solution.Initially, a spa or beauty parlor can be established in a single room, also itdoes not need a lot of money.

  • Bookshop & Café

Present-day, a book store with café is trending.You can start with a few collections of books according to your budget. Startyou café, make sure to have enough space, so that your customers can comfortablywalk into your store and have room to move around. With the growing culture ofgathering outside, you bookshop with café can work great.

  • E-commerce Store

E-commerce is the solution for those people hasproduction ideas, but no money to invest in a physical storefront. Startselling your products online without making a huge monetary investment and timecommitment. Furthermore, you get here a lot of marketing opportunities and havepresence worldwide.

  • Online Coaching

Gone are the days when people used to wait incoaching classes to attend their class. Presently, they prefer online coaching,where they find every subject on few clicks. This business is mainly for those people,who are skilled and passionate about teaching.

  • SEO Consultancy

With the increasing role of digitalization inevery sphere of life, the demand for search engine optimization is on thehigh.   Every website owner looks for anSEO consultant to optimize a website for search engine.

  • Social Media Marketing

These days, social media plays a critical part inonline marketing; it comprises ghost-writing for businesses, posting on blogs,Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts & Facebook pages. Companies searchfor specialists and social media service providers to promote their brand. Youcan start your entrepreneurial journey here without making a huge investment.

  • Tour and Travel

Offering travel and related services generateinstant revenue especially if your city or nearby place has any touristlocation. Otherwise, you can create a website and tie-up with long-distance busservices to offer online reservation of rail tickets and reserve hotels atvarious destinations for clients.

  • Wedding Planner

If you love weddings and have some organizationalskills, then starting career as a wedding planner sounds great for you. Thebest part is that you can start it from the comfort of your home.

  •  Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a well-known platform for videos. Showyour creativity and talent and earn great returns.  YouTube allows its users to createindependent channels and upload their videos for free.

Bottom Line

Taking the entrepreneurship path is not everyone's cup of tea. Here, one has to leave his established 9-to-5 job and become ready to take workload for 24X7. But own business brings freedom to fly in the sky of opportunities. Hope, the list of these smart business ideas will be helpful in selecting your business path.

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