Join World Yoga Day to include yoga in your life and begin your journey to a better life

Join World Yoga Day to include yoga in your life and begin your journey to a better life

Join World Yoga Day to include yoga in your life and begin yourjourney to a better life

InternationalDay of Yoga or World Yoga Day is an annual event; it is celebrated worldwide onJune 21 since its inception in 2015. It is a day to recognize the benefits ofyoga and dedicate ourselves psychically, physically, and emotionally forhealthful living and at the same time attach with friends and society membersover the shared practice.

It iswondrous that 21st June marks this important event in human history. 21 June isthe day to pay tribute to the Sadgurus. This is also the day of the summersolstice. It is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and alsoholds special importance in many parts of the world.

How to Celebrate

The perfectway of celebrating this day is to participate. World Yoga Day takes place invarious organizations, schools, colleges, and other places so, locate the onenearest to you and assure your participation. Create a difference in your life and get rid of your mental stress andphysical health problems through yoga.

Objectives of Yoga Day

  • The main goal of celebrating theInternational Day of Yoga is to increase awareness about yoga and encouragepeople to participate in this practice.
  • International Yoga Day brings the habit ofmeditation in youth generation. And, it supports them to can enjoy more peaceof mind and self-awareness.
  • It educates people about the diverse methodsof overcoming stress in a natural way without taking any artificial medicine.
  • It also focuses on reducing the rate ofhealth-challenging diseases across the world.
  • It motivates people to stay away fromunhealthy practices and promote and respect the good practices to make healthbetter.
  • People know and understand their rights ofgood health and a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the highest standard of physicaland mental health.
  • Yoga practice brings people from differentbackground, irrespective of caste, religion or language on a single platform.It leads to stronger bonds between them and helps to promote the feeling ofcommunal harmony and create a conjugal atmosphere for global peace.

All in all,World Yoga Day aims to bring assorted communities around the globe togetherthrough the practice of yoga and inspire them to eliminate all types of negativityand health issues from their lives and get command over their mental as well asphysical health that acts as the major hindrance in the path ofself-development.

Yoga shows us the path to Freedom. By following it regularly wecan release ourselves from Pain, Stress, and Loneliness and move towards thepath to pleasure!

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