From Homemaker to Influential CEO

The Remarkable Journey of Anasuya Gupta
Anasuya Gupta, Chairperson & MD
Anasuya Gupta, Chairperson & MDFrom Homemaker to Influential CEO

Anasuya Gupta, Chairperson & MD

In a captivating story of determination and resilience, Anasuya Gupta, presently the Chairperson and Managing Director of CICO Technologies Ltd., has defied conventional roles to become a prominent figure in the world of construction chemicals.

Initially a teacher and later a homemaker, Anasuya unexpectedly took the helm of CICO Technologies Ltd. and transformed it into one of India's leading construction chemicals manufacturers.

Transitioning into Leadership

Founded in 1930 by Mr. N R Gupta, CICO Technologies Ltd. witnessed a significant shift when Anasuya assumed the role of a third-generation entrepreneur.

Despite the passing of the company's promoter and her husband, Mr. Amit Gupta, Anasuya took charge and proved herself as a capable leader. Her journey is a testament to hard work and fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to her.

Despite her numerous successes and accolades, Anasuya Gupta remains humble and grounded. Her entry into the business world was unexpected but driven by circumstances. Her exceptional leadership qualities, bright mind, and effective communication skills have solidified her position as a valuable figure in her field.

As the MD and promoter of a third-generation enterprise, Anasuya ensures that families associated with the business lead progressive lives. CICO Technologies Ltd. follows a "Future-Proofed" approach to construction, emphasizing longevity, durability, and the safety of both buildings and human lives.

Anasuya's work hours are not fixed, ranging from four to twelve hours a day, depending on the demands of the moment. Her commitment to efficiency allows her to manage her personal life effectively.

Pursuing Passions Beyond Business

Anasuya Gupta's interests extend beyond the boardroom. She enjoys activities like golf, horse racing, and singing, including Rabindra Sangeet, Hindi, and English classics.

She is a strong advocate for gender equality and works tirelessly to empower women and promote equal opportunities. Additionally, she raises awareness for organ donation through the Amit Gupta Foundation.

Vision as a Businesswoman

Anasuya's dream as a businesswoman is to uphold the legacy of CICO Technologies Ltd. and contribute to the betterment of the lives the company serves. Her vision includes maintaining the brand's top-of-mind recall and leadership position.

Greatest Professional Achievement

One of Anasuya Gupta's most significant professional achievements is buying back 45% of the company's shareholding from venture capital partners. This achievement holds great personal value, given the circumstances under which she assumed leadership and the importance of maintaining the industry's top position.

Learning from Failures

Anasuya acknowledges that failures are part of any journey, and she has experienced her share. Each failure has made her more resilient, driven her to achieve, and taught her to approach different situations with calmness and reflection. Acceptance is a key lesson from these experiences.

Guiding Principles

Anasuya's ideals revolve around honesty, compassion, courage of conviction, and the determination to stand up for what she believes is right. These principles shape her approach to both business and life.

Best Decision

Taking on the challenge of running CICO Technologies Ltd. stands out as Anasuya's best decision. Despite the odds, she accepted the responsibility and has worked tirelessly to maintain the brand's reputation and contributions to society.

Effective Strategies for Success

Anasuya has introduced systems, revamped IT, and implemented stringent HR measures to drive CICO Technologies Ltd. She recognizes the importance of ongoing improvement and aims to achieve far-reaching goals.

For Anasuya, success is defined by self-satisfaction and the ability to accomplish daily goals, from small personal achievements to closing significant business deals. Success is an ongoing process, and it is measured by making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Anasuya attributes her success to the entire CICO family, expressing deep gratitude for their unwavering support. Her two children, Ashmita and Abhiroop, enrich her life in immeasurable ways.

Future Plans

Anasuya's future plans include handing over a more proactive organization to the next generation. Her team, along with partners, is working relentlessly to expand geographically, enhance product quality, and embrace superior technologies.

Anasuya Gupta, Chairperson & MD
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