Sookshm's Contribution to the Indian Economy

Empowering SMEs
Ashwani Kumar , Director, Sookshm
Ashwani Kumar , Director, Sookshm Empowering SMEs

The Role of SMEs in India's Growth

Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) are instrumental in India's economic development, contributing significantly to industrial output, exports, and imports.

Despite their importance, SMEs face several challenges that impede their growth. Sookshm, a Management Consulting group, has embarked on a mission to empower these enterprises and contribute to India's economic prosperity.

Challenges Faced by SMEs

SMEs in India encounter various obstacles, including limited growth vision, underutilized business processes, technology reluctance, and resource constraints.

While government initiatives have been beneficial, SMEs require more than traditional consulting; they need practical implementation support. This often neglected sector remains underserved by large consulting firms.

Sookshm's Inception and Mission

In 2013, Sookshm was founded with a clear mission: to assist SMEs in achieving operational excellence and reaching a turnover of 1000 Crores.

Led by Ashwani Kumar and Vyjayanta Kashyap, Sookshm's approach focuses on diagnosing issues, offering unique solutions, enhancing productivity, and implementing cutting-edge technology tools. They prioritize understanding an organization's fundamental needs and providing on-ground solutions.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Sookshm's services cover various critical areas, including operations, strategy, HR, finance, and IT. Their goal is to optimize business systems, revolutionizing an organization's entire value chain. As Mr. Ashwani Kumar states, "We revolutionize the company's entire value chain, from operations and marketing to HR, finance, and IT."

What Sets Sookshm Apart

Sookshm stands out due to its unwavering commitment to its mission. They don't just provide recommendations; they actively cooperate with clients during the implementation of solutions.

Their young and talented team is passionate about ensuring clients' success fostering enduring partnerships. Clients frequently recommend Sookshm to others, expanding their customer base.

Sustainable Growth Model

Sookshm's self-sustainable model led to profitability within a year of its inception. According to Mr. Ashwani Kumar, entrepreneurship requires passion, persistence, and perseverance. Sookshm embodies these qualities in its approach.

Milestones and Achievements

Sookshm has achieved significant milestones, such as successfully completing initial projects and securing larger contracts from growing SMEs. They have expanded their operations to Mumbai-Pune, a major industrial region in India.

Additionally, they are preparing to launch the "Company Healthiness Index," a product designed to help SMEs determine their path to achieving a 1000 Crores turnover.

Future Plans and Vision

With aspirations of becoming India's leading advisory in business consulting dedicated to the SME sector, Sookshm continues to grow. They aim to serve at least 1000 companies over the next five years.

As SMEs remain the backbone of the Indian economy, government initiatives and dedicated consulting services like Sookshm promise a bright future for this sector in India.

Ashwani Kumar , Director, Sookshm
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