Apple releases new COVID-19 screening app in collaboration with the CDC

Apple releases new COVID-19 screening app in collaboration with the CDC
Apple releases new COVID-19 screening app in collaboration with the CDC

Apple's New COVID-19 Screening App in Collaboration with the CDC

The global outbreak of the coronavirus disease has brought significant disruptions to the world, impacting people's lives and causing numerous fatalities. This situation has led to substantial changes across all aspects of society.

Shift towards Digital Engagement

As people adjust to the new normal, there's been a noticeable increase in remote work and a greater dependence on smartphones. In response, developers worldwide have created a range of coronavirus-related apps. To counter misinformation, Apple has restricted app submissions to recognized entities, including government bodies, health-focused organizations, and reputable healthcare companies. Concurrently, Apple has removed coronavirus-related games from its App Store. The focus has shifted towards apps that offer support, reliable information, and resources.

Reliable Resource: CDC App

For those seeking accurate information, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) app stands as a reliable resource. This app provides up-to-date advisories, safety guidelines, and steps to take if an individual suspects they may have contracted the virus. The CDC app also includes a regularly updated map that tracks confirmed cases.

Apple's New COVID-19 Screening App

To address the crisis, Apple has launched a new COVID-19 screening app. This app guides users through a series of questions, helping them determine whether they should practice social distancing, self-quarantine, or seek a coronavirus test based on their unique circumstances. Developed in collaboration with the CDC and the White House, this app showcases the power of technology in addressing the pandemic.

Privacy Considerations

Crucially, the app ensures user privacy by avoiding data collection. Unlike a similar Chinese app powered by Alibaba that shares data with the government, the Apple COVID-19 app does not transmit user data to either the US government or Apple. The app also operates without requiring users to provide identification, serving as a screening tool offering official guidance tailored to specific situations.

Navigating the App: User Experience

Upon launching the Apple COVID-19 app, users receive health information from the CDC before proceeding with the screening process. A series of questions related to symptoms, travel history, and potential contact with others are presented. User responses remain confidential and are not shared without explicit permission. By utilizing the app, users agree to its terms, absolving Apple of liability for any potential harm arising from its use.

Complementary Advice

Importantly, the app's guidance is intended to supplement rather than replace advice from medical professionals. Users experiencing severe coronavirus symptoms are advised to dial 911 without delay.


In conclusion, the Apple COVID-19 screening app serves as a valuable tool, offering guidance and support during these challenging times. Users can download the app from the App Store or access the screening survey on Apple's website. Encouragement is extended to users to share their personal experiences and suggestions for navigating the pandemic, fostering a sense of community amidst uncertainty.

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Apple releases new COVID-19 screening app in collaboration with the CDC
Apple releases new COVID-19 screening app in collaboration with the CDC

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