Apple releases new COVID-19 screening app in collaboration with the CDC

Apple releases new COVID-19 screening app in collaboration with the CDC

Apple releases new COVID-19 screening app incollaboration with the CDC

The recent coronavirus disease outbreak has disturbed the entireworld. People from different part of the world are suffering from and manypeople have died. It has broadly affected the entire human lifecycle. Apartfrom different major and minor changes, the coronavirus has given people evenmore reason to camp out on their couches and fiddle with their phones.

Expert developers across the world have seized on the momentwith a bevy of coronavirus-related applications. In an attempt to tamp down onmisinformation, Apple announced that it would accept any application from only recognizedentities like government and health-focused organizations like reputedhealth-care companies, or medical or educational organizations. Additionally,it is removing coronavirus games from the App Store. The search for coronavirusapps now available is support-focused social networks and informationalresources. 

If you are looking for any resource for the coronavirus, the Centresfor Diseases Control and Prevention's app is the best option. It is essentiallythe agency's website in app form. This application features up-to-date noticesand advice on what to do to keep yourself safe and steps to follow if youbelieve you have the virus. There is a map that the CDC updates at noon everyweekday, it tracks confirmed cases.

This new COVID-19 screening app is launched by Apple that tellspeople whether to social distance, quarantine, or seek out a coronavirus testbased on their circumstances. It guides you through a series of questions abouttheir symptoms, making recommendations based on their situations includingpracticing social distancing, disinfecting surfaces in their house takingmedical treatments, and taking a COVID-19 test.

The application is the result of a partnership between Apple,the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and the White House. It is oneof the first widely released products resulting from the federal government'swork to enhance tech companies' reach to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

One of the best things to keep in mind that it does not involveany kind of data collection. This application bears similarities to an applaunched by the Chinese government and powered by Alibaba. This Chineseapplication instructs people to self-quarantine based on their answers tosurvey questions.

Where China's app allows users to opt to send data directly tothe Chinese government, the Apple COVID-19 app does not send data from usersback to the US government or to Apple. This application does not need people tosign in with any form of ID, either, as per its Privacy Policy. It works like ascreening tool to offer people with official guidance according to theircircumstances. This is available on the App Store and online.

Here's how Apple COVID-19 works?

The app greets users with health information from theCDC before they opt to start the screening process

The application can be helpful in understanding your next step.

  • Let's all look out foreach other by getting aware of our status, trying not to inject other people,and reserving care for those who need support.
  • Then, users arereminded that the app's guidance does not override any information they weregiven directly by an expert medical professional.

Now, you give an answer to a few questions aboutsymptoms, travel, and contact you have had others.

  • Your input will not beshared with Apple Company or other without taking your permission
  • By using thisapplication, you agree to its terms and Apple will not be liable for any kindof harm relating to your use
  • Before the screeningbegins, people with severe coronavirus symptoms are instructed to immediatelydial 911.

Before you start

In case, you are experiencing any of these symptoms, stop andcall at 911 right now:

  • Constant chest pain orpressure
  • Extreme difficultybreathing
  • Sever, constantdizziness or light-headedness
  • Facing problem inwaking up

In the next step- The app guides you through a series ofquestion about what symptoms you are experiencing:

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Fever, chills orsweating
  • Difficulty breathing
  • New or worsening cough
  • Sore throat

Users are also asked whether they have gone for anyinternational trip in the past two weeks, or whether they live in an areaexperiencing a coronavirus outbreak

  • In the last 2 weeks,have you travelled internationally?
  • I have gone forinternational tour
  • I have not gone forinternational tour

Now the Apple COVID-19 will create recommendationsaccording to the answers given by people. It is what the applicationrecommended for an individual after he reported that He does not have any kindof symptoms but does live in areas where there is a major coronavirus outbreak.

  • You should PracticeSocial Distancing
  • Help stop the spread.When outside the homestay at least six feet away from another person, avoidgrouping, and only publish transit if important.

Next two steps

  • Quarantine at Home: Youmay have been exposed. You need to stay at home for the next two weeks and seeif any symptoms appear.
  • Try to limit yourcontact with others outside the home

The next step is to Monitor Symptoms

  • Check for COVID-19symptoms like cough, fever, and difficulty breathing. Also, check yourtemperature twice a day for 14 days. If symptoms get worse, call your doctorright now.
  • The application alsodelivers a verdict as to whether you need to get tested for coronavirus

No Test At This Time

If you do not get any of the symptoms mentioned above,you will be suggested not to get tested.

  • View: As of now, youranswers suggest you do not need to get tested. If anything changes, take thequestionnaire again.

So this is all about how this application and how it works. Youcan download the app via the App store or find the screening survey on Apple'swebsite.

If you have any personal experience with the coronavirus, sharethat with us and our readers. Also, mention if you have any tips or suggestionsfor people on how society can handle the pandemic smoothly. 

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