Startup of U

Startup of U

It's been sometime I have been in this industry and what I feel is "change is the only constant" thing that is inevitable. All feels the same at some point of time and it's important what we do with ourselves. Every graduate who passes out with a dream. A dream that will establish the individual in all aspects of life, but alas, the things planned don't really work out and people feel bad and keep their heads down. We usually are emotional beings and actually speaking "Indians" are the most than their global counterparts. It's because we are deeply tied to our families and values but most of the time, we forgot ourselves.

It's important we also work on ourselves and simplify our goals to see it from a distance. Goals define individuals and we never took that seriously, but only, during appraisal meetings. Life is an amalgamation of different feelings that we gather from different sources and then churn it down and do some "big data" processing and finally an end product that guides us through. We should start looking at Us rather than others as they are of less value, doesn't mean you stop respecting others, but, Your Soul is more important than anything else in the universe. It's important we start working for your Soul and means we have to work for Real Us. Us is a startup and the more we work towards it with commitment, the more it grows us and the beautiful world looks like.

We always dream of working for global corporations, but very few have realized that the biggest part is within us. It's critical to realize our individual goals in life in addition to others. Individual goals may or may not in sync with you present perspective, but it comes from inside, soul screams all day but you have to apply "inner" ears to listen to them, heed them nurture them because that is your "GOLD MINE", a path towards financial independence, a method only Rich knows how to apply it. That voice is embedded deep inside and only rises when U wants it to. That voice could guide you to do something that is out of your present skill set but with compassion, you can learn it and make you soul happy and make your life beautiful. It's a self-realization path that will drive you to a better existence and will get you what you always wished for, in your life.

It's important you work for "Startup of U" that defies any venture funding to realize your dreams, the only funding you require is deep commitment and compassion and next steps. You will be the board and CEO of your own life and nobody can take that from you. You are the commander of your own executions and you are the Owner.

Ideas click anywhere, anytime and any day, its important you write them down, they trickle from a app design to open an old factory and revamp it to rent your old house and earn some recurring income, they are plenty, and it's important to understand them well before you execute. How can someone else guide when you own an idea, it's your baby and you need to feed it every day, every time and every sec so it does not die and remains alive like a splinter of fire that will burn the whole world with "love for you" one day and will echo your own existence in this universe and hail you the "Gates" of your dreams. Keep looking, keep searching, keep listening and keep asking. It's something that is waiting for a moment it meets you and you understand it well, it rests at the back of your mind and you feel it very close and love it and feel very happy when you are close to it.

Your idea is your sweetheart, you love and you feel warm when you listen to it or recite it. Yes, these are all the feelings that you will experience when you listen to your dream and you will draw closer and closer and the paths will open apart like "Benhur Sea scene" and path will shine and you will get to the top of the world.

Live a life of glory and life for your idea, that speaks to your soul, you will get many but only one will give a shine to you face and power in your fingers. So start working for yourself, and not for others, because it's just you and no one else defines you in this world.

Find the "Startup of You", work for it and live the Dream Period.

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