9 Primary Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Your Ideal Timepiece

9 Primary Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Your Ideal Timepiece

You need to consider various things when buying a timepiece. Most people will say that the price is the primary factor you should observe, but this is not foolproof. Today, with the existence of numerous boutique watch brands, it is hard to distinguish which watches promise good-quality and which are not. Hence, we created this list of factors you should consider when looking for a top-quality timepiece. 

The Timepiece Brand

Keep in mind that various timepieces have different types of brand material. You can opt for metal, fabric, or rubber. Choose your desired look that can make you gratified and what suits your style. There are hundreds of brands that you can choose from. One of the most iconic and renowned names nowadays is Breguet that offers various types of watches, from leather strap band, rubber to the stainless steel case. The brand also features luxurious colors that can surely capture your heart. All materials included give you satisfaction and comfort. 


Certification proves authenticity. Thus, this should be one of the primary factors you should look for before purchasing your desired item. In particular, Swiss timepieces should come with authentic certification. 

The certification includes a number that allows you to confirm with the retailer if your desired timepiece is authentic or not. Certification is also useful in the future if you intend to sell the watch. It's going to inform you of the possible increase in the selling price. 

Personal Style

You must first identify your personal fashion before purchasing your preferred timepiece. The search for the perfect luxury time will be much easier if you are fully aware of your style. Sometimes, it is not just about your incomparable loyalty to the brand, but it's about the functionality and model that will perfectly align with your choice of fashion. 


A timepiece comes with different styles, from digital watches to analog. Analog watches are those classic-like styles that usually feature clock hands with Roman numerals. They are often considered as an old fashioned style, but it's worth wearing for. While digital watches typically have a big face, displaying digital numbers just like in your mobile phone. 


Before buying the watch that captures your interest, first identify how you are going to use it. If you are active in sports and wish to own a timepiece that will offer you a ton of benefits, look for some watches that feature a stopwatch or a timer. You may also look for a tachymeter or GPS for additional purposes. 

Water Resistance

Most watches are water-resistant. Thus, you don't need to worry about some splashes of water when you wash your hands, take a bath, do your dishes, or when you finish your laundry. Be aware of the water-resistance features. Most sports watches are splashproof, which means they are suitable for diving or swimming. However, if you are looking for the best diving watch, a 30m water-resistant feature is not an ideal type for underwater activities. They are not actually splashproof. 

The Size Of The Dial And Style

The dial refers to the timepiece's case and the exterior of the face. You have to make sure that the dial size of the watch you wish to wear matches your wrist for a more suitable fashion. If your wrist is thick, choose a bigger face and case. In contrast, for smaller or thinner wrists, pick a dial with a small diameter height. Finding the appropriate dial size for your wrist is one of the useful rules in purchasing a watch. 


This is one of the essential factors to consider. Weight plays a vital role when purchasing a watch. Find the most comfortable one to keep yourself away from hassle. For your comfort, never wear a watch that feels like a brick on your wrist. You can purchase a leather strap instead of a metal band watch if you like convenient yet classy watches. 


Movement refers to how the timepiece functions. There are three primary types of movements: quartz, battery, and mechanical. Quartz movement is a battery-powered watch that requires battery replacement, but not as much with battery movement watches. At the same time, battery movements are known to be the most common and less expensive type of watches you can purchase. With responsible maintenance and care, the battery movement watches will last for good. 

Since the beginning of the timepiece's history, mechanical watches have been widely utilized. Contrary to a quartz movement, mechanical watches mostly feature a more complex movement yet sophisticated technology. This is one of the primary factors why today, people often opt for mechanical movement watches rather than quartz watches. 

Final Thoughts

The existence of a timepiece is not just about telling users an accurate time, month, or day. It also plays an essential role in indicating your fashion statement. Watches can be a reflection of yourself. How you wear it and care for it, may tell a lot about yourself. They can be an indication of your personality or social class. 

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