Web hosting platforms for e-commerce websites

Web hosting platforms for e-commerce websites

Webhosting platforms for e-commerce websites

Choosing the beste-commerce platform is not an easy task as there is a huge market and manyfactors involved. The choice of web hosting for your e-commerce store can havea huge impact on your business, so it is important that you double-check everypoint and feature. 

To help you out,we have listed top web hosting platforms for e-commerce websites. This articlewill help you to make a wise decision that which platform is right for you.

Whatis an eCommerce Platform and Why Should You Use One?

The first question is what is an "eCommerce platform"?

An e-commerceplatform is a place where you are creating and developing your own online shop.It provides you with all the tools to develop and manage your e-commerce sitewith those products that will be helpful in your day-to-day operations. Now youmight be thinking that why you should use good web hosting platforms fore-commerce. Well, the first and foremost reason is that you don't need to be aweb developer to create a good looking online shop and below we have mentionedmore of the important reasons to use e-commerce platforms:

  • Easy to use– In earlier dayscreating a shopping cart was not easy. Before there were shopping carts but youstill need top developers skills to incorporate it in your e-commerce site.Well, now we have plugins to do that with e-commerce platforms, you get everythingin one hand and can get started right away.
  • Cheaper – Most of thee-commerce platforms are not that expensive that they don't even fit in yourbudget some of them cost nothing. Well, you have a lot of expensive going onwhile running an online store but it is a lot less than creating and developingyour website from scratch.
  • One solution fitsall –Especially when going with a hosted solution, you can let go of more parts ofrunning your site. No need to deal with web hosting, security, updates, and thelikes. Instead, you can concentrate all of your focus on growing the business.
  • Availability ofcustomer support – With the additional customer solution, your website willhave extra professional support. Some open-source solutions like WordPress areoften run by a community so to thrive you also need to be dependent on thecommunity.

Beste-commerce Platform Options

All right, nowthat you have a better idea of what to look for in an e-commerce platform, it'stime to talk about what's out there. In the following, we will cover 4 mostpopular e-commerce platforms which you can use and which one will be better foryou.

  • Wix Stores

Wix is formerly adrag and drops website builder. It is a simple platform to use and quick tosetup. There is no coding required, you can drag content anywhere on your sitewith the user-friendly editor. What's cool is that they have over 500 templatesspecifically made for online stores and even provide stock images you can useright away. It offers a fully equipped shopping cart and also hundreds ofapplications in their official app market. Also, the service is fully hosted sothere's no need to worry about this part. One thing that you need to keep inmind is that Wix is not a pure e-commerce platform therefore the e-commerce capabilitiescan be a bit basic.

  • SiteBuilder

It is one of thebest platforms to start your e-commerce store for beginners. It is quitesimilar to Wix as you have to purchase the highest plan for online shopfeature. Their drag-and-drop interface is intuitive, simple, and comprehensive.It has all the essentials that are required by you like domain, hosting,analytics tools, SEO, and necessary e-commerce tools. It comes with unlimitedbandwidth and storage space.

  • BigCommerce

This e-commerceplatform allows you with all the e-commerce solutions both as a SaaS and onlinestore. It's probably most similar to Shopify. The two of them are oftenmentioned in the same breath. It offers a large number of tools and features,e.g. promotions, unlimited product variants, options to handle returns,coupons, and discounts. Additionally, BigCommerce integrates with Amazon, eBay,and social networks which allow you to sell across different platforms.

  • Shopify

Shopify is awell-known e-commerce platform around the world. It's a fully-featured hostedsolution with hundreds of thousands of users. We also have a full article aboutit, if the information below is not enough for you. It is super simple to usethis platform as all you need to do is sign in and start selling your stuff.

Shopify offersdozens of free mobile-optimized, elegant themes. More are available onpurchase. There is no need for coding skills as you can create a Shopify storeby drag and drop. It also offers top-quality 24*7 customer's support via phone,email, live chat and Twitter. It also supports a lot of third-party paymentgateways and has a large app marketplace with over a thousand offers to addfunctionality to your site with a few clicks. Finally, they offer additionalsales channels by providing you with the software and hardware to sell insidephysical store locations, social selling and integrating with marketplaces likeAmazon.

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