Famous ERP Solutions, Bringing Transformation In The Banking Business

Famous ERP Solutions, Bringing Transformation In The Banking Business

Famous ERP Solutions, Bringing TransformationIn The Banking Business

The bankingsector carries high importance. It incorporates guarding finance and promotesinvestments. The banking and finance part of any country is considered as atreasure since the economic liberalization. And that is why; it becomes vitalto take the entire function of banking or any financial industry intoconsideration. After all, money is everything. Hence, it is important to takeimportant steps to satisfy the security and excellent functioning of thebanking industry.

Here, ERP isproved as a perfect solution to ease your feet with its key modules andfeatures with all-time availability. It mainly handles the complexity of theentire banking process with ease. Additional security makes the banking ERPsoftware an ideal solution.

ERP in the Banking and Finance Industry

ERP plays asignificant role in the banking industry; it delivers an entire spectrum ofagile banking and finance solutions. It is used in banks to encompass a widerange of small point-solutions to large-scale deployments with the integrationof ERP solutions in the banking sector. These service-enabled solutionsinnovative the entire banking services into a modern enterprise that adapts toaccommodate upcoming business processes and expand easily.

It deliversthe needed reliability and safety without any hassle and high expenses. Thebest part is that it does not require high investment costs as others do.

Significant Characteristics of ERP System inBanking Industry

To startwith, let's go through the key operational principles of decent applications.They must be:

  • Integrated: A single database and workingecosystem should include the selected core business processes regardless of thecompany's complexity. Hence, ERP supports big banks to collect valuable datawith simplified subsequent processing and analysis.
  • Unified: Respectively, local or web ERP forthe banking industry need to work smoothly with different applications.Ideally, the branch of every bank holds quick access to the global ERPsolution. So local and chief managers can track the performance easily.
  • Real-time: This fast-changing and modernisingfinance sector needs an equally fast response from institutions. In thefinancial crisis of 2008, banks having quick reactions can cut insane losseswhile sluggish ones were destroyed completely.
  • Multilanguage and Multicurrency:  The Multilanguage and Multicurrency part isquite valuable for transnational financial enterprises. Good solutions supportvarious accounting and tax schemes, currencies, and language, etc.

Besides, themost traditional approach to ERP for the banking industry offers ready-madereplicable solutions. And, developers prefer to create universal systems thatsuit miscellaneous organizations with various preferences and extensions.Although, banks may need unique custom platforms for managing and protectingsensitive data.

Pros and Cons of ERP Solutions

The mostimportant fact is that ERP is the way to combine all vital business processesin a single powerful system. There are a lot of advantages, so go through themost valuable ones which are perfect for banks:

Access to Data- It is enoughto input information once to make it available for everyone with permission.Such data come without extra revise.

Communication- The ERPsolutions involved in the banking industry connects all departments and greatlyfacilitates workflow.

Control and Monitoring- The bankingERP software helps people to track everything automatically. It becomes reallysimple to check staff performance's current states.

Low Errors- ERPeliminates the possibility of missing transactions, forgotten accounts ortechnical distortions.

On par withstrengths, there are always some disadvantages.

Dependence on Hardware- Stand-aloneproducts cannot work without solid servers. Although, SaaS web ERP for thebanking industry is less demanding?

Complicated System- In a bank,people have to control security and create different access levels fordifferent employees. It may be tough for large corporations.

High Costs- And, afully-functional ERP with a lot of modules is expensive as you have to installit and train workers.

Benefits of Using ERP System in BankingIndustry

An ERPsystem takes care of everything in the banking and finance industry. Here aresome more benefits of using such financial management solutions:

Increased Efficiency

Everybanking process is integrated into the one-stop platform. Easy and fast accessto all data required across the entire bank and all the departments. All thedaily activities like creating reports or filling in the data are alreadyautomated with a perfect ERP solution. It is possible to review the major KPIson a dashboard so that the leading team can flick through it. Also, ERP is ableto eliminate repetitive working processes.

Excellent Collaboration

ERP bringseffective and smooth collaboration between colleagues from various departments.Furthermore, an ERP solution facilitates collaboration with remote teams. Anoffshore or near shore team will be available within a few clicks to make surethat the workflow is productive in the bank.

Enhanced Data Security

The ERPsolution in banks offers firewalls to lower the risks of data breaches. Youwill get one data warehouse and access points will be easily monitored and thesecurity level will be higher. It is possible to restrict faster access ofterminated employees. The software gives access to newly hire its outsoles. TheERP software allows detecting unauthorized activities as all banking activitieswill be available to the admin.

Reduced Costing

An ERPsystem effectively supports you save on operational costs and cut down thebudget. All processes are streamlined and monitored; hence the eventualbreakdowns will be prevented. ERP solutions address any issues that will beeasier and faster.

Strict Compliance

The bankingindustry has to deal with day-to-day life and comply with different industryrules and regulations. ERP software covers regulatory standards and reports oncompliance to support banks tackles these needs with ease.

Famous ERP Systems in Banking Industry

Because ofits rising popularity, ERP software applications are being offered by differentvendors in quite a competitively charged market. Here is a list of 10 famousERP Systems used in the banking industry for several different purposes;

  1. SAP: SAP isa market leader for financial accounting, ERP and CRM solutions. It is widelyused by top-tier banks that effectively mean only those institutions that canafford the cost of implementing like a high profile software system.
  2. Cashbook:Known as a multi-site, multi-currency, multi-lingual solution, Cashbook is ahelpful application that assists finance departments to perform daily tasks,thus reducing operational time and boosting productivity. This is also a vitalpart of many companies that are looking to implement an effective CorporateGovernance Policy.
  3. CoBISMicrofinance Software: One of the famous ERP systems in the Banking Industry,CoBIS Microfinance Software takes care of various banking needs. It managesmicro-banking & SACCO operations. It also supports manage savings, loans,term deposits, and shares.
  4. Corniche:Corniche is specially designed for the management of private banks, offshorebanks and other financial institutions involved in loans and payments. Thesolution offers multiple currency accounting, a back-office interface, merchantservices, card services, payment interfaces, and online banking facilities.
  5. LeaseWaveSuite: An end-to-end browser-based lease and loan management system LeaseWaveSuites aims to support the entire lifecycle of leases, loans, and assets. Thesolution comprises of both front-end and back-end functionality and supports instreamlines integration and interaction between all potential parties in theleasing process. It covers lasses, brokers, funding sources, and vendors.
  6. Moneyman:Moneyman is cash management software for small and medium businesses eitherthrough brokers/agents or directors. This ERP is considered as a highlyefficient for Church Development Funds.
  7. Oracle EBS:One of the most widely used ERP systems in the banking industry; Oracle EBS isanother famous name for ERP solutions. Oracle EBS and SAP dominate the marketshare with their highly process-oriented and secure application flows.
  8. zeb.control:  zeb.control is product range; it provides thetechnical supports for managing and processes a variety of tasks. It includesfinancial controlling, risk measurement, value management, monitoring, andaccounting.

There aremany more such amazing ERP solutions out there, waiting to be customized toyour specific banking needs, and making you a leader in the banking industry.

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