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A Futuristic Remedy Addressing the Challenges of the Indian Agriculture Industry with its Agri-Microbial Technology Prowess
Miklens Bio
Miklens Bio

In Talk with Nisha M M, Co-Founder & Director- Research

Miklens Bio: A Futuristic Remedy Addressing the Challenges of the Indian Agriculture Industry with its Agri-Microbial Technology Prowess

Agriculture, the cornerstone of our nation, grapples with an array of challenges, including soil degradation, the emergence of new pests and diseases, declining crop yields, rising input expenses, and numerous other issues.

Moreover, the indiscriminate utilization of chemical-based agricultural inputs in a bid to outperform competitors and maintain year-round crop production has stagnated the agriculture sector. This practice, in addition to affecting crop quality, also results in chemical residues making their way into our food supply.

Recognizing this issue, Santosh Nair, a seasoned banker, and Nisha, an expert in research, joined forces to seek an alternative approach to combat this ecological degradation. Their solution harnessed the potential of microbes and their extracts as a sustainable alternative.

This vision came to fruition with the inception of Miklens Bio on August 22, 2016, as a catalyst that was about to bring "A New Hope" and "A New Agriculture" to fellow farmer brethren.

Incorporated with a vow to strengthen the roots of agriculture while keeping environmental sustainability in focus, Miklens Bio today has created a niche in the 'pure bio' segment.

Today, a 10,000 sq feet biomanufacturing facility and R & D laboratory stand as the beating heart of Miklens Bio. It has an installed capacity of manufacturing 10 lakh liters annually.

Miklens Bio Homes offers an extensive range of research-backed agricultural inputs tailored to combat specific pests and pathogens. These products encompass Plant Growth Enhancers, Plant Protection solutions, Bio-Fertilizers, and Bio-Pesticides. They are developed based on cutting-edge scientific advancements, collectively referred to as Agri-Microbial Technology (AMT).

Despite being incorporated for just two years, this biotechnology leader has already established a robust presence in the Agriculture Industry, making it appear as though it has decades of experience. What's the undisclosed recipe behind this biotechnology powerhouse's remarkable journey?

The answer lies within the robust expertise infused by Nisha M M in the research and development adroitness of the organization. Taking a leap from the chemical industry to the organic spectrum was a hard journey for this leading lady.

Steering the R&D prowess of the entity toward newer heights, Nisha's contribution is phenomenal. Bringing her rich biotechnology exposure on board, Nisha has played an instrumental role in crafting Miklens Bio's core competency, AMT.

Nestling over 16 years of experience in leading R&D with extensive knowledge in Agriculture, Microbiology and biotechnology techniques, Nisha heads the research and development wing of the organization.

To date, Nisha has successfully rolled out over 27 products addressing various issues related to agriculture. Identified more than 20 microbial strains and has 8 patents in her name. She is an Agricultural Entomologist and has been awarded the prestigious "Pioneer Researcher" by ICAR under AICRP.

She has invented 10 new microbes capable of addressing various pest and disease management. Also, has designed cost-effective downstream processing techniques to reduce manufacturing costs.

To further gain insights into her remarkable contribution in taking Miklens Bio to greater pinnacles, Startup City Magazine interviewed Nisha M M over a host of issues.

How has Miklens Bio created new momentum in the Agricultural Industry?

Our bio start-up has an ambitious goal to promote a sustainable edge to the society and environment. Chemical agri-inputs have done more damage than good, to the health of the farmers, soil deterioration, environmental degradation, and a host of other issues.

We wish to reduce the dependency of farmers on chemical inputs. Our products contain microbial extracts that kill the target pathogen in unique ways and do not harm the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil.

Miklens Bio

Since its inception, our mission has been to provide innovative farming solutions to create maximum benefits for farmers and consumers. Armed with our vision, we endeavour to bring effective, non-poisonous, eco-friendly, residue-free, and cost-effective products to society.

Biotechnology-driven agriculture holds the key to meeting these growing food requirements of the population. It can generate a higher and better-quality yield without compromising on the health and sustainability aspects of farming.

Due to the groundbreaking Agri Microbial Technology (AMT) introduced by Miklens Bio, farmers now have access to residue-free agricultural inputs. This presents farms with the opportunity to transition to a safer and more cost-effective alternative, fostering the production of organic crops and enhancing soil health. This, in turn, leads to increased yields and improved returns.

Throw some light over the sui genres product line of Miklens Bio. What makes them stand apart?

Miklens Bio's research process is focussed on the microorganisms. Thus, is successful in developing a specialized range of bio-agri inputs. Our products are tested and provide a seal of assurance with regard to improved yields and improving the quality of the land, soil, and overall environment. Our products are bifurcated into the following categories:

  • Plant Growth Enhancer

  • Plant Protection

  • Bio-Fertiliser

  • Bio-Pesticide

Agri Microbial Technology (AMT) based bio agri inputs eliminate the risks associated with conventional farming and significantly enhance yields. The use of chemical pesticides over a prolonged period causes the development of resistance and might eventually lead to the evolution of superbugs, resistant to most chemicals.

Our products offer a solution to all these ailments. Being organic, they dissimilate in the ecosystem, thereby maximizing agricultural productivity and sustainability while reducing adverse environmental impact. Most importantly, our innovation is cost-effective, providing a natural, affordable solution with better efficacy.

How is Miklens Bio chartering "A New Hope" to provide a safe, healthy, and sustainable avenue for farming to the farmer brethren?

Our Agri Microbial Technology (AMT) stands as our most distinctive offering to both the market and the agricultural community. We anticipate that the future will be characterized by a significant reduction in chemical agricultural inputs. The global shift toward organic produce and the simultaneous desire to preserve the nutrient value of farmlands align perfectly with solutions like ours, which are uniquely positioned to fulfill these evolving needs.

Our advent of providing residue-free bio-agri inputs by taking proper care of the environment as well as society had positioned us at the heart of the Indian agriculture industry.

We are putting our blood and sweat to help the farmer community to help them in increasing their productivity and reduce their dependency on chemical products. We proudly boast about constructing a natural way that is safe, biodegradable, residue-free, environmentally friendly and leads farmers in reaping maximum ROI.

By touching the mark of Rs. 5.4 crore in your first year of operations, the future holds brighter days for Miklens Bio.

Well, we have already planted our growth seeds in the US, Canada, and Mauritius markets, along with 65 marquee players across Indian geography. In the coming few years, we aim to have 1000 prominent dealers on board with us.

We have been successful in creating footprints in other countries as well, including UAE and other Southeast Asian countries. With around 9 containers of Microbial NPK exported to the international markets, we are positive that we would do at least double in the current FY.

We are dedicated to bringing about a change in the agricultural canvas by proving to be the best alternative provider to the way agriculture is practised in India. Promoting clean & chemical-free agriculture is our small attempt to bring back India on the global map with Agriculture as its backbone.

A piece of Advice for the Young Entrepreneurs

"To my fellow entrepreneurs, I would say that patience is the key to satisfaction which eventually comes from perseverance, dedication, and the zest to continue with failures by taking them as learnings. Meditate on the Learnings and Focus on Innovation."

Miklens Bio
Miklens Bio
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