Passage AI: Salvaging the time of clients by its swift Chatbots

Passage AI: Salvaging the time of clients by its swift Chatbots

Passage AI: Salvaging the time of clients by its swift Chatbots

In the past couple of years, Chatbots have become a new favourite tool for a large number of companies. They have found this new interest because of their pre-designed customer orientation and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). They have the potential to cut short a mammoth time which somewhere down the line gets wasted in answering the same questions by different customers. Taking cue from this potential, many entrepreneurs jumped into the bandwagon to tap the advantage. Sadly, very few entrepreneurs possess the knack required to deliver customer-oriented services due to the paucity of expertise and experience.

Passage AI is one among those very few startup ventures which has had a long stint with the dynamics and determinants of Artificial Intelligence. Its co-founders are quite veteran in this arena.  The CEO and co-founder of the company, Mr. Ravi N. Raj, served earlier as VP at Walmart. He has a track record of more than 16 years of successfully developing products in the search and e-Commerce space. He was aptly complemented by his co-founders Mr. Mitul Tiwari, who was the Head of 'People You May Know' and Growth Relevance at LinkedIn and has dozens of patents and publications to his name, and Mr. Madhu Mathihalli, who was as Sr. Director of Walmart e-Commerce responsible for managing all their Customer Acquisition Engines while overseeing over several hundred million dollars in marketing budget. They met in early 2016 to start a company in the AI space. They felt strongly that AI had come of age with applications like self-driving cars, package-delivering drones and cures for diseases all now being a reality. This made them think of starting their own venture in the AI space.

Providing solutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences

They worked on the problem that how could technology help alleviate the boredom associated with repetitive tasks. They then started passage AI to enable businesses to harness the power of AI-enabled conversational interfaces to bring bottom-line benefit to businesses. Their platform helps deflect mundane tasks from service agents so that they could apply their intellect to other more high value tasks. The company came up with a Chatbot platform which was unique owing to the sophistication of its conversational AI technology which doesn't require even a single line of code to be written in order to deploy a bot. Passage AI's Chatbot platform provides the Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning Technology to create a conversational interface. The company's award-winning conversational AI platform is being used by some of the largest brands in the world. Most of these large brands have reported accuracies 95% or higher which is the industry leading standard.

Following the benchmark set by the company, it is working to use AI for the automation of responses to routinely asked questions. It helps the customer service agents leverage their time to answer questions that add more value to their business. It finds its ideal customer in someone who wants to improve customer satisfaction by delighting customers with instant responses to their questions and lower customer service costs. These characteristics make it a hot favourite among its clients because these traits are considered to be universal for all the customer-oriented businesses.

Rapid deployment makes it different

Most businesses want to use bots to help them start addressing customer queries quickly and efficiently.  The catch is it takes months to deploy them within legacy systems. In addition, most bots don't truly understand natural language which can contribute to a frustrating experience for the end-users. This is where Passage AI proves its worth. It has the potential to deploy a bot in as little as three weeks getting businesses up and running quickly. Passage AI has built sophisticated deep learning models using techniques such as Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) which makes it possible for bots to understand natural language.

Client-centric approach

The company is based on firm principles which include its customer-first policy. It never makes compromise on this ground. It understands that customers are the reason of its existence. What follows next is its commitment to hire great people who have respect for other great people. Apart from this, it believes in doing one thing well as opposed to many things somewhat well. It doesn't believe in being afraid of failure or risk. Moreover, it suggests employees to have fun while doing all this.

Future Plans

The company is driven by finding the best way to solve a customer problem which is to help their end-customers get instant and relevant answers to their questions. It wants to build the best AI platform that solves the problem. The company's main objective in near future is hiring great AI engineers, signing customers and making them very happy. The company wants to have as many customers as possible who become so happy that they recommend it internally and externally to other customers. It wants the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for its customer to be high.

The company is ready to face the obstacle which is related to the crowd in Chatbot space. The company is happy with the traction and customer satisfaction. It is planning to overcome them by focus to build the best product in the market. The company wants its products to delight clients with its services which could be of great use to satisfy the needs of clients' end-customers. That is the prime focus it has as a company. 

About the CEO

Mr. Ravi N. Raj served as Vice President of Products and General Manager of Owned & Operated Sites of Kosmix Corporation (now WalmartLabs Inc). He ran Kosmix's Product team and was responsible for, and He served as a Senior Director of Product Management at Yahoo and worked for 5 years at Yahoo in the search, social media and marketplace verticals. He also managed product teams at AltaVista, Elance and SGI. He is an alumnus of prestigious IIT Madras.

Words of Wisdom

Future of this company looks quite bright owing to the rapidly increasing demand of Chatbots in almost every field. Chatbots can transform IT departments by enabling prompt services to employees. The conversational interface can handle queries, submit tickets and take direct action through Application Program Interface (APIs).

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