Prudent Human Resource Solution Pvt. Ltd., a strategic matchmaker fulfilling diverse hiring needs of the organization and residential spectrum as well

Prudent Human Resource Solution Pvt. Ltd., a strategic matchmaker fulfilling diverse hiring needs of the organization and residential spectrum as well

Prudent Human Resource Solution Pvt. Ltd., a strategic matchmaker fulfilling diverse hiring needs of the organization and residential spectrum as well

Human resource, the most important and valuable resources strokes all elements of an organization, therefore hiring the right people for the right task becomes a herculean task. It is the recruitment firms who have to deal with the challenge of hiring the suitable candidates to join an organization's voyage. Along with shaping an individual's career by landing him/her on the dream job, the role of a recruitment professional in sowing the seeds of human talent has also become critical for the success of every business, be it an MNC, local conglomerate or SME.

By understanding the client's concise needs and human resource challenges, Prudent Human Resource Solution Pvt. Ltd. has firmed its position as a renowned Executive Search and Recruitment Consultant with an excellent track record to its credit thriving on the ideology of 'connecting the right professionals to the right profession within the right span of time'. The brainchild of Mr. Ravi Prakash Giri, Prudent Human Resource Solution commenced its operations in 2011 as a small enterprise that aspired to find best fitments for the most crucial positions. Over its decade-old journey, the organization has established its presence as a strategic recruitment partner across all levels for industries including PR, Media / Advertising, Auto, Power, Education, E-commerce and other industries with footprints over the whole country.

Recruiting expertise everywhere; from home industry to leading corporates

Hailing as one of the best recruitment partner serving clients across all the industries, Prudent Human Resource Solution enjoys a proven track of successfully bridging the needs of resident individuals as well as leading corporate organizations. Headquartered in Delhi, Prudent Human Resource Solution houses a robust team of professionally qualified and trained consultants who possess rich expertise in delivering result driven performance. Cultivated from diverse backgrounds, these professionals focus on one approach- to offer timely and quality home fixing services. At Prudent Human Resources Solution, connecting the right professionals to the right profession within the right span of time is the key. The organization combines experience, technology, and the latest assessment tools to ensure that the organization is presented only the best candidates. The core methodology behind Prudent HR's Client Servicing Model is to ensure that one gets the right candidate, at the right time – every time.

Lining up the best of process, domain, and policies together under one roof

Search & Selection

Prudent Human Resource has a dedicated team of domain experts delivering quality recruitment solutions, servicing leading MNC & Indian organizations.

Turn-Key Recruitment & Contractual Staffing

The magnitude of business operational complexities has never been as intense as what we witness today and this situation is all the more aggravated when it comes to human capital, which is giving nightmares to HR departments of nearly each and every company. Prudent Human Resource's Turnkey Recruitment Solutions caters to the need of hiring in junior & middle management levels, which is best suited for start-ups, new project ventures, capacity expansions, and the need of a sudden increase in the workforce or geographical expansions of teams.

The firm aims at catering to their convenience through a host of housekeeping services that would otherwise be time-consuming. In a relatively short span of time, this service provider has earned compliments and praises for its timely services.

Vendor Management Services/RPO

Prudent Human Resource Solution's Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) entails a service provider acting as a company's internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. Prudent HR's RPO arm acts as an extension of company's internal recruitment department helping you to fulfill all the functions of talent hiring. The complete management of the entire recruitment cycle, which includes talent profiling, on-boarding of new hires, induction, follow up, reporting, etc., will undoubtedly improve the time to hire, better the quality of candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, and reduce cost. Prudent Human Resource Solution's RPO services, comprising transition, transformation, and delivery, are carried out onsite or offsite as the need be while being monitored by an application tracking system.

The organization has established a co-employment relationship to manage organization's short-term and long-term goals and undertake full responsibility for compliances, administration and various other HR activities.

A bridge between the employers and the employees

"We know and understand our Clients. At Prudent HR, we never take a mandate at face value. Instead, we take the time to examine a company's business needs and gain a thorough understanding of not only the position's requirements, but the company's organizational culture, the department's / BU's strategic goals, and what skills your ideal candidate will need to succeed in this position. Truly understanding your business gives us a real advantage when it comes to selecting the right candidate." – Mr. Ravi Prakash Giri, Founder

"We also know and understand our Candidates"

Prudent Human Resource Solution's sincere efforts to achieve excellence in its services towards keeping its unflinching commitment to deliver utmost satisfaction to its clients have empowered it to obtain a firm position among the candidates as well. The team explores each person's past experiences and current skills to gain insights about their ambitions, goals, likes and dislikes. This approach helps Prudent Human Resource Solution to perfectly create a match between candidates and companies, every time.

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

While maintaining high standards of ethical conduct and integrity in the operation of its business and dealings, Prudent Human Resource Solution today possesses an exceptional track record in privacy, confidentiality and "conflict of interest" matters. Over the course of its journey, Prudent Human Resource Solution has acquired a rich clientele. Currently, the firm is now doing all the groundwork to follow a clear roadmap for expanding its footprints across the globe. The firm is looking forward to further expand its reach over the metro cities in India.

Wisdom of Words

One should do what he loves to do as it inspires one's heart to create wonders. Be strong and believe in yourself and do what you want in your life.

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