Venkat and Nagarjuna

The Duo that Cultivated a Spark of Change in the Content Curation Domain with 9Toppiks Internet Services
Venkat and Nagarjuna
Venkat and Nagarjuna

Making an Impact that Matters

Venkat and Nagarjuna: The Duo that Cultivated a Spark of Change in the Content Curation Domain with 9Toppiks Internet Services

You want to get an inside scoop on your current project. Maybe you'd like to learn more about the diet plan you started last week. Or, perhaps you want to know about the current growth rate of our economy.

Regardless of what type of information you are trying to find- or whom you are trying to find, one of the first places you're likely to begin your quest is the search websites running in abundance. Still, why are we forced to scroll or jump from side to side to gather information despite the mountainous information available?

Internet and search engines are busy places. Every second, 40,000 Google queries are searched, as per the reports of Internet Live Stats. Home to more than 1 billion websites, the Internet is flooded with colossal information.

When broadcast, the information either gets filtered or alternated. Overflowing with information, search engines often leave us frustrated during online searches when we encounter content that appears to be little more than a collection of keywords, resulting in a jumbled and unreliable pool of data.

According to the research firm Gartner, more than 25% of critical data in Fortune 1,000 databases is inaccurate or incomplete. Filtered facts and deficient information have colonized themselves at almost every hook and corner of the internet.

This mismatch in the supply of accurate information and demand for accurate information is what led Nagarjuna Reddy and Venkat Penmesta to start 9Toppiks Internet services in 2014.

9Toppiks takes pride in being an online Content Curation and Publishing Platform that excels in delivering information in a conversational manner, aligning with the way people naturally communicate. We assist our customers in curating content tailored to their interests, ensuring they can quickly and effortlessly get their projects off the ground.

Clearing the clutter of irrelevant pages and unhelpful/incorrect results, 9Toppiks prevents waste of time in finding the needle in the haystack.

Emerging as a Differentiator

"We, in late 2014 realized that the need for content curation is growing as the web is being overloaded with information. We can't say it's a new phenomenon, curation was there in the market for a long back (for example, IMDB,, etc.), but now it has emerged as an urge among users."

Colleagues at HP Software, Nagarjuna, and Venkat were surfing the heights of their professional journey when they realized the criticality of honing their entrepreneurial skills with 9Toppiks.

Accredited with matchless infrastructure, which encompasses cloud hosting, dynamic data modelling, UI customization, inbuilt AI, Search and Scrape services, 9Toppiks aggregates authentic and legally approved data/content from the piled information.

The information is then followed by aligning and classifying it into clusters. Finally, one can match these assemblages or can make a part of their solution.

To stand out in the current hyper-competitive environment, an organization's perpetual succession has to be nurtured by consistent refinement.

It is for that reason that 9Toppiks prides itself on having state-of-the-art proprietary technologies and top-notch UX/UI designs to cater to the needs of its customers in less time.

From the Bunch of its Expertise

  • Pycker – all about movies (

"While entertainment in the form of movies amounts to an integral part of our lifestyle, we here at Pycker aim to provide you with the apt information regarding movies, celebrities and staying updated on what's happening in the world of entertainment."

Catering to entertainment needs- from movie reviews to holding information in line with celebs, photos, trailers, and everything, Pycker nestles every chunk of the cinema under one roof.

Driven by a user-friendly interface and an abundance of choices, visitors can seamlessly read, follow, contribute (through reviews), and explore everything related to their favorite celebrities and movies in a short amount of time, even amidst the extensive catalog of information.

Pycker's team curates all the movie-related information in one place which further helps the users to find everything under one roof. Nagarjuna boasts about the success of Pycker, "Company also creates micro websites for films where a user can access all the latest news related to that particular movie ranging from first-look poster to full movie.

Besides these, tailor-made Gamified Loyalty Contests are introduced on the respective film's website. Here, fans can find fun games, treasure hunts, quizzes about the movie and its actors and are rewarded with exciting prizes like free movie tickets, a chance to meet their favourite stars, etc."

Currently, Pycker encompasses 5 channels- Bollywood, Tollywood (Telugu), Kollywood, Mollywood, and Tollywood (Bengali) where the team is anchoring its presence.

Furthermore, the firm is looking ahead to increase its horizons in the entertainment world by venturing into other Indian languages like Kannada, Punjabi and international markets as well.

Venkat and Nagarjuna
Internet of Things (IoT) for Startup Innovation: Transforming the Indian Business Landscape

Counting one of its achievements, the platform tabulated a fruitful loyalty contest for the Telugu film Janatha Garage's website, which generated five million impressions. "Such Loyalty Contests not only boost a film's promotions but also serve as an interesting source of entertainment for viewers," adds Nagarjuna.

  • News In Cards – Enrich Short News with Timeline

Currently in its testing phase, 9Toppiks, another flagship product, will deliver curated and summarized local news with Built-In Social Integrations and Verified Profiles.

9Toppiks' Gamification Module

To foster a broader and more engaging audience, 9Toppiks organizes a range of gamification activities, including quizzes, competitions, and contests, across its platforms. This not only encourages customers to come together but also pioneers a fresh approach to delivering a meaningful and rewarding experience. By infusing enjoyable elements, it enhances the value derived from connections, followers, and audiences.


  • User Engagement

  • Acquisition

  • Retention

  • Interactions

  • User Reach

  • Referral

  • Cross-promotion

  • Multiple marketing channels

  • Celebrity halo effect

  • Stronger partner relationships

  • Long-term franchise relations

  • Celebrity engagement

  • Extended brand relations

Expansion Binge & Future Ahead

Despite facing initial challenges in acquiring clients, 9Toppiks has steadily expanded its presence within the online content curation sector over the course of four years. As a result, renowned brands like Ola, Swiggy, Paytm, Smartron, Azista, Just Tickets, and numerous others have benefited from the platform's expertise.

The company is now poised to seek Pre-Series 'A' funding and continues to set new benchmarks with its exceptional capabilities, ensuring a promising future for the team.

Dynamic Leadership


Co-founder & Director – Engineering

As a results-oriented team leader, Nagarjuna boasts a track record of success in the design of large-scale, highly scalable, and highly available web systems. His extensive experience is marked by a consistent ability to plan and execute projects on schedule and with exceptional quality, often employing innovative and unconventional thinking.

With a proven background in J2EE design and development, Nagarjuna's expertise spans over a decade of experience in developing Distributed J2EE Applications. Additionally, he possesses deep knowledge in JAVA Technologies (J2EE, JSP, Servlets), Open Source Java solutions, and various Web Technologies (XML, XSL, DHTML, JavaScript, AJAX).

With a wealth of experience in MVC architecture and Java Web Frameworks (such as Struts and JSF), he is actively engaged in crafting intricate JavaScript front-end applications. These applications make extensive use of JavaScript libraries like JQuery and Dojo, along with CSS utilizing the LESS framework.


Co-Founder, Director – Products & Growth

Nestling more than 12 years, Venkat Homes has extensive experience in managing, leading, and executing several assignments across Business Intelligence, Data analytics, Server Infrastructure automation, and Storage Management software domains.

Venkat also demonstrated his proficiency by overseeing the HP Cloud Business Intelligence India team. He played a pivotal role in spearheading the execution and successful delivery of the Server Storage integration module within the market-leading enterprise server management solution, HP Server Automation.

A Piece of Advice for the Young Entrepreneurs

"Everyone has an idea. Don't waste your time sketching on paper and building it from scratch. Plan it, execute it, and launch it in 3-4 months. Wait and watch if it is ripening or not. Refine it until everything falls into the right places. After this, no one can stop you from achieving your goals."

Venkat and Nagarjuna
Leading Innovation and Creativity in Startups
Venkat and Nagarjuna
Internet of Things (IoT) for Startup Innovation: Transforming the Indian Business Landscape

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