Decision Culture is Moving Fast on its Journey Towards Obtaining a Leadership Position in Data Analytics and the IT industry

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Decision Culture

A myriad of problems associated with offshore outsourcing has inspired the conceptualization of a Decision Culture, data analytics & IT firm based out of Bengaluru, India. It aims to provide business solutions to clients and companies.

The company boasts a team of highly skilled professionals with deep expertise in data analytics and IT. They function as an integral extension of client companies, seamlessly integrating their capabilities and knowledge.

Decision Culture was founded by Shushrut Adigon, who worked as an Analytics Consultant in the Greater Atlanta Area. During his tenure as a Consultant, Shushrut could identify huge gaps prevailing in the management of offshore resources.

The main challenges encompass issues like the quality of offshore resources, limited work hour overlap between US and India teams affecting offshore team efficiency, and a higher attrition rate among Indian employees, which can be frustrating for clients.

Decision Culture is committed to solving these three basic problems by hiring highly skilled professionals as employees and paying them salaries well above industry standards.

The employees work US shifts to have sufficient overlap with client teams to function like an extension team. It is noteworthy that the company has been enjoying zero employee attrition since its inception.

Given that Data Analytics and IT are closely intertwined, Decision Culture offers comprehensive support in both areas, positioning itself as a one-stop solution provider for clients. Its innovative approach has drawn the interest of major US corporations, with key clients and partners such as AT&T, NCR Corporation, and Staffing Technologies from the United States.

Decision Culture
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Decision Culture's reputation is its greatest asset, as it continues to attract new clients through referrals from its satisfied existing clients. The company boasts an impressive client roster that includes Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have been partnering with Decision Culture for over four years, appreciating its consistently outstanding services and unmatched support.

This, indeed, is a great achievement for a Startup that has been operational in the highly competitive landscape of the IT industry for the last four years. Decision Culture has a very strict quality policy that is ingrained in the very foundation of the company.

A reliable partner that maintains the highest quality of services, the company operates on revenue that it generates from client companies and partners.

Speaking about investors and investment, Shushrut Adigon, Chief Executive Officer of Decision Culture, says, "We are not very keen on bringing the investors onboard. The key metrics we use to measure success are client satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Although we do have revenue targets in mind, it's not our key metric. Bringing investors on board would likely change that. So in the future if we are approached by investors we will very selective in whom we choose."

Road Ahead

Since its inception, Decision Culture has been striding on the path of success, having maintained its reliability as a trusted partner to its clients. It has acted as a pillar to the clients by providing them with highly skilled professionals who have expertise in delivering satisfaction with the use of best-in-class technologies.

The firm is on the runway of achieving a leadership position in the industry. As a part of its plans for the next five years, the company would direct its efforts towards building strong relationships with more new clients and also expand within the existing client base with a prominent focus on client satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

The Spirit Behind the Success

Shushrut Adigon, Chief Executive Officer, Decision Culture

An entrepreneur at heart, Shushrut has a degree in Mechanical engineering from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. He did his Master of Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta US.

After working in the US for a few years, Sushrut identified the gaps in offshore resources management that led to severe loss in business. It compelled him to set up Decision Culture, a company that primarily focuses on Data analytics and IT, in March 2013 at the age of twenty-eight years.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, he takes care of the overall health of the organization and explores opportunities to develop the business by growing the client base.

He oversees the client relationship management of the company by preserving existing clients with effective and smooth delivery of projects. He works towards ensuring a happy and proud employee base.

Words of Wisdom

"Before taking a plunge in starting a business make sure you have spent at-least four to five years in that industry or have worked in a related industry. Build a self-sustaining company & do not depend on investors; as they are going to be a natural fall out of a good business. Entrepreneurship needs an unyielding spirit; you are more likely to fail than succeed so weigh your risk and reward scenario carefully."

, says Shushrut Adigon, Chief Executive Officer, Decision Culture

Decision Culture
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