Teja Gudluru’s UDo is all set to unleash a New Era

Teja Gudluru’s UDo is all set to unleash a New Era

Teja Gudluru's UDo is all set to unleash a New Era

A realization of the huge gap existing in the application development space in creating powerful apps that provide real time responses effectively with good quality content encouraged Mr. Teja Gudluru, an expert veteran from training industry and a serial entrepreneur to create UDo, an android app with the mission of enabling people to explore viable solutions to their problems anytime anywhere. UDo serves as a platform for people to get connected with thousands of experts for seeking appropriate advice in over a hundred categories. An online app that connects people offline, UDo is an excellent peerless app that aims to solve people's problem in four simple steps. A person seeking advice needs to create an account using Facebook/ Twitter/ Google+ or he may simply sign-up to register and then he can search experts browsing huge database. He is linked with the expert of choice to speak about his query. As soon as he has his questions answered, he needs to make payment for the advice using paytm. Speaking about solutions provided by the app, Mr. Gudluru, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of UDo says, "How many times has someone called a friend for an opinion on something, right before making a choice? But there are times when even a friend can't make a decision when there are higher stakes involved; because, friends are not experts in everything. Life is beyond just texting for help – UDo helps people get connected to their UDo buddy and get talking!"

From travel and relationship advice to handling a difficult boss or career guidance, UDo has on demand express advice in life's difficult situations or sometimes, simply tips for fashion, cooking and many more. UDo is on the runway of housing a broad Experts' portfolio that will accommodate verified experts who can provide guidance on everything. UDo as a platform benefits every pillar of its service – users who need help; experts who have time to spare and companies who are looking for specific databases to reach out to get assistance from the app. This makes it a very accommodating and sustainable model. With expert advice on finger tips and the ability to connect to an actual verified person instantaneously, UDo is a complete package that has the potential to become the market leader in Search and assisted services.

UDo – You Do!

UDo is a colloquial abbreviation to the word You Do! Everyone faces several situations in life when there is a need for guidance and advice that helps to swim through difficulty and win. More often than not, people live in denial of this fact. Be it a student, an employee, a boss, a husband, a parent or even a CEO. Often people do not want to expose their vulnerability in expressing their incompetence or lack of understanding on some issue as most fear their credibility taking a hit. As an example, a manager might face problems facing a particular employee, but doesn't want his/her boss to know this discomfort. UDo provides a platform where this manager can connect to a Leadership Development expert and take guidance on handling such difficult employee. So for the world, especially for his/her boss, it's he who did the good job of handling a difficult employee, but behind him is us! Hence we are UDo ….we are with you!

The app's UDo buddy helps its users in seeking advice for, Jobs & training, Tutorship & Mentorship, Professional assistance, Coding and Development Support, Relationship Counseling and Psychiatrics, Travel and Logistics, Travel buddies and Route help, Retail and FMCG, Religious assistance and many more verticals.

Who can benefit?

As UDo is an android mobile application, there lies a huge market since any individual in the age ranges of nearly fifteen to more than sixty can benefit from UDo's services and may become User or expert. The App's broad portfolio of consumers encompasses major sections of User categories including Students, Professors, Colleges, Working professionals, Retired professionals, Industries, FMCG, e-commerce, Government and IT/ITES companies, Doctors, psychiatrists, Nutritional and Veterinary experts, Media and Film Production houses and more.

However, the team UDo is well aware of the risk associated with such an unconventional idea, where users have to make payments for simple advices; such a notion is non-existant in the Indian Culture. The biggest challenge lies in getting people used to the concept and acquainting them about the benefit they will get from it.

With an aspiration to be the world's most preferred expert advice and customer outreach mobile app, UDo makes persistent endeavours to position itself as the best company to be associated with. The team UDo has developed an Attract, Innovate and Manage (AIM) Strategy and strides on the path shown towards achieving the aforesaid vision. The team strives to Attract users and businesses alike with innovative marketing campaigns and ethical business practices; Innovate efficiently and responsibly to create a seamless, user friendly and efficient technology platforms; and Manage employee expectations effectively and nurture them to grow professionally and personally. The team has worked out robust plans with set targets to be achieved on monthly basis; which will act as guiding beacons towards carving out the success path.

The UDO Difference

The team believes that uniqueness of the app accompanied with its serviceability is set to grab eyeballs of majority of people in the market. Elaborating upon the strengths of the app, Mr. Gudluru says, "UDo will disrupt how people see search and review based products. Our uniqueness is in the model where it is an open to all platform to sign-up as an expert and start making money for providing real time advice. We have no immediate competition in this model."

Let's take a brief look into UDo's key strengths:

  • Strong focus on niche sectors that lack clinical focus
  • Robust Calling engine for connecting users to experts on call; promising clarity in conversations
  • Immense potential in transforming industry landscape
  • Sustainable Business Model
  • Strong capabilities in transforming Employability demographics; paving the way for M-employment
  • Next 'Must-have' partner in the industry
  • A clear roadmap to be distinguished as the leader in Search and assisted services

What does the future hold?

With its unparalleled capabilities, the app is empowered to serve and develop several sections of the society; which may lead to unfolding a new era. Holding onto its vision for next five years, UDo has planned to target specific verticals or services for a certain period of time to establish its market.

Don't train to get paid….get paid to Train

As quoted by Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon'ble President of India, "Youth of our country are our future". A groundbreaking innovative app, UDo has been developed as a platform that not only offers assistance for every need of student population but also targets to reshape the youth employment space in India with an effort to uproot repressing unemployment. UDo provides the opportunity to students to serve as experts; they can gain exposure and get paid while making a contribution to the welfare of people. In UDo's marketing words "Don't train to get paid….get paid to Train". As an attempt to enhance employment capabilities in India, UDo's Project PARAS aims at showcasing trained students to MSME across India as their IT experts. UDo has collaborated with MSME in creating a platform where MSME can get their websites or e-commerce sites built for free or at giveaway cost by reaching out to UDo's trained pool of experts through the app; this way it will support the Skill Development and Digital India initiatives by the government. There are numerous other ways students can be associated with UDo as experts. They can provide guidance as IT trouble shooters for basic router, Laptop, Mobile or Printers for users in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. They can serve as on-demand experts for Start-ups for basic services like designing, social media marketing, influencers for marketing products, services and apps in colleges etc. They may serve also serve as tutors as well as interns.

UDo's Vision

  • UDo aims at connecting IT professional working in IT and ITES companies with Students to guide, mentor and also refer them in to their companies. UDo teams will market to the IT employees that they can earn money while assisting the nation improve its employability and also get paid by their companies for referring profiles.
  • UDo's B-B marketing team will focus on signing up recruitment vendors on a commercial basis who are looking for sourcing profiles. The recruiters will sign-up as experts under the jobs category. The users can dial free of cost in to UDo and give their preliminary interviews right from their phone without the initial hassle of CVs etc.
  • UDo is planning to enter a partnership with overseas educational consultants across the country on a commercial basis to provide free consultation to students interested in studying abroad.
  • UDo is doing all the ground work to develop into a FMCG, Mobile recharge, and Ecommerce outreach partner targeting students as users.

The Maverick behind UDo

Teja Gudluru, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, UDo

A Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Behavioural Coach, Teja Gudluru is also a  serial Entrepreneur who is incubating the Mobile app start-up UDo-now.com and has been thriving in the training industry having founded CommSure Knowledge Solutions, a premier Learning and Development company in Hyderabad. Teja's niche training competencies include various Behavioural, Leadership and Management development workshops using a multitude of Learning Technologies and has to date trained and coached over 25,000 individuals across the spectrum of industries and hierarchies in over 8 countries. A certified Leadership and Management Trainer by the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), Teja constantly facilitates workshops for various Government Projects, Corporate Organizations and Educational Institutes. During his career as a trainer and behavioural coach, he has conducted up to 750 sessions for the many IT, ITES, Government and Educational institutions. During his stint with HSBC, he was responsible for designing, planning and delivering various management and leadership workshops for various hierarchies including the mid and senior level managers, etc. He has also designed, created and delivered Personality Development sessions in over 200 Colleges and Universities. Through his stress management and other skill based interventions in training he has also assisted various Government organizations like the AP Police Academy –Counter Intelligence cell, Revenue Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the IAS officers club in Visakhapatnam.

"I have learnt in my journey that when you ignite a journey of self-realization in an individual, you are creating a powerful pathway for success not just for that person but also for the entire organization they work for.  This is what motivates me to connect to people and passionately facilitate this beautiful journey!" says Teja Gudluru.

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