With its Unique Training Methodology, KCC Technologies Flourishes as a Leader in the Panorama of Skill Development Services

KCC Technologies
KCC Technologies

KCC Technologies

Having served big players in the industry for fifteen years, Mr.Melwyn Dsouza, an IT veteran, realized an acute lack of technology awareness and adoption in emerging markets around the globe.

His strong techno–sales background made it easy for him to gauge the extensive potential of Information technology in the overall development of emerging economies.

This made him think and sparked the entrepreneurial spirit in him. He came up with the idea of establishing an organization that would work towards developing skilled resources in organizations to guide them to steer their way to success.

Melwyn founded KCC Technologies Private Limited, an IT company devoted to Knowledge and Skill Development Services in April 2015. The abbreviation 'KCC' stands for Knowledge, Consulting & Certification where the word:-

  • Knowledge covers Skill Development, Technology Awareness, Improvement in Quality;

  • Consulting covers Preparing a valid business case, Defining Strategy, preparing a strategic project framework, and assessing the ROI

  • Certification includes Self-Assessment, Pre and post-assessment, and right certification.

KCC's rich portfolio accommodates an exclusive suite of specialized services and training in Cloud, Data Science, IOT Technologies, and Big Data provided through a matchless training methodology that has already instilled a wave of transformation in the training market.

The wide spectrum of customized training solutions provided by the company envelops certifications in Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Red Hat, and VMware, as well as a multitude of courses that are focused on key functions of a business.

Based in Mumbai, KCC has rapidly established a substantial client base spanning India, the APAC region, and the Middle East. Impressively, within just two years of its inception, the company has earned the trust of 130 clients representing various industry sectors, including IT & ITES, Manufacturing & Automobile, Pharma & Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, Oil & Natural Resources, Construction & Real Estate, among others. Upholding the highest standards of business ethics, KCC stands as an emerging leader in its domain, continuing to thrive in the market.

Success Mantra

KCC believes that there are infinite opportunities to grab in such a huge market. Hence, the firm makes persistent endeavours towards achieving excellence in its services.

In a chat with The StartUp City Magazine, Mr. Melwyn Dsouza, Chief Executive Officer, KCC Technologies, says, "As the world moves towards digital transformation, KCC moves from traditional trend to digitized trend, to build up a platform which provides business with a foundation where resources can come together and quickly upgrade their skills as per market technology era.

We believe that we do not have to be the market leader to compete successfully, but we do need to focus on the company's strengths to find a way to differentiate from other competitors."

Nonpareil Training Methodology

Through its ongoing efforts to achieve its objectives, KCC has pioneered an innovative training methodology that is being celebrated as a paradigmatic model within the global IT training industry. This approach is poised to establish fresh standards, showcasing KCC's robust capabilities in rejuvenating businesses and enhancing their long-term viability.

The key pillars of KCC's unique training methodology encompass understanding Business and IT needs, pre & post-assessment, the right solution and strategy, skill development, self-assessment, and the right certification.

The methodology approaches start with an understanding and evaluation of the business and IT needs of an organization with a strong focus on Return on Investments (ROI).

After an analysis of the training needs, the training department collaborates with the company's huge pool of certified and expert IT consultants to develop customized course content, which is delivered through Self-placed, Instructor-led, and online training.

KCC is striding on the path of success through its inventive training solutions that have helped customers to assess their Return on Investments (ROI).

As soon as a client is onboarded, the team makes sure that its approach is aligned with the company's top priorities. With executive support, it frames absolute ideas for investments, keeping in view the demands of the business.

It follows a step-wise methodology which involves assessment of the existing BOQ (Bill of Quantities) for the licenses procured and understanding of the consumption as well as the adoption of the license procured.

Based on the assessment and understanding, the team maps the Business and technical needs of the organization, identifies tangible benefits, and gauges the gap in technology awareness and skill development. Finally, it provides a structured approach towards training and conducts skill development sessions for the customer to bridge the gaps.

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Key Differentiators

  • A Microsoft Learning Partner and an ISO 9001:2015 Company assuring the highest levels of Quality

  • The pool of World class Certified Consultants with profound expertise in Cloud, Systems, Networks, Applications, and Security

  • Mandatory training and development programs for employees enabling them to guide and educate customers in a better way

  • Unique and innovative training methodology

  • Specialized and custom-built training programs to suit clients' business model

  • Focus on increasing ROI and building technical competency for long-term sustainability

  • Guidance to clients' workforce for the Right certification

  • Managed training services – Running of end-to-end training delivery, right from training needs, planning the training calendar to delivery of the training and certifications.

  • The proactive Feedback system for achieving excellence in the delivery of services 

Value to Customers

To sustain in this ever-changing and evolving market, we need to be focused on low cost and high output. We need to be noticed in the market by providing our customers with the best services and quality. KCC houses an expert team of highly qualified professionals with expertise in Industry best practices on various technologies.

The team devotes its sincere efforts to expanding the firm's rich service portfolio. It leaves no stone unturned to achieve excellence in delivering paramount services, which is the key to building a successful customer base.

Also, the team provides customized training identifying the business needs and customer environment.

Speaking about the strategies used by the company for building a client base, Mr. Melwyn Dsouza adds, "For any customer-centric organization, customers are the wheels which propel towards the path of success. If any of the wheels is broken or unhappy, the organization fails to move ahead or grow. Hence, building a successful customer base has been imbibed in KCC's culture."

Road Ahead

Having built successful relationships with a good share of customers in the market, KCC intends to position itself as a leader in the global landscape of skill development services.

Speaking about the future plans of the company, Mr. Melwyn Dsouza shares, "We intend to become a top IT training company in APAC & EMEA region. A strong focus on catering to international markets would be our business strategy for the next financial year. We are in an advanced level of discussions to open offices in the Middle East in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. We are currently scouting for a space in Europe and US. Also, by the third quarter of the year, we would open our office in Singapore to cater to Asia pacific region. For this year, our Business strategy is to increase our customer acquisition and market presence."

The Spirits Behind the Success

Mr. Melwyn Dsouza, Chief Executive Officer, KCC Technologies Private Limited

IT veteran, Melwyn comes with a strong techno sales background, having nearly fifteen years of experience in the industry.

Prior to being an entrepreneur, he assumed various roles such as Solution Architect, Project Manager and Divisional Head during his stint with corporate giants, namely Wipro, Microland, Spectrum and Karrox.

He understands the entire gamut of IT infrastructure and can gauge the importance of skill development in organizational growth.

Pooja Malkani, Chief Business Officer, KCC Technologies Private Limited

Ms. Pooja Malkani comes with a strong sales background with over 13 years of experience in the industry. She has interacted with varied industry leaders and helped them buy the right training solutions for their respective organizations.

She has worked with organizations such as Spectrum Network Solutions as Vice President of sales and CMS Info Solutions as Manager of sales. She hails from the training industry and understands the pulse of customers' training needs and dynamics.

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