Revolutionizing the Monotonousness of Sports Consumption while Satisfying the Demands of Sports Admirers

Sportzwiki: Revolutionizing the Monotonousness of Sports Consumption while Satisfying the Demands of Sports Admirers

Sports consumption is undergoing a colossal transformation, experiencing more disruption than ever. The time has shifted from witnessing each boundary to peaking on the match's highlights, from cheering for the same knockout punch to scraping the internet for the 'gold medalist'.

Sports admirers are flocking to new platforms to match their sporting passions, seeking on-demand, immersive and personalized content. This rapid shift has contributed to brewing up new mediums and platforms which provide flexible options for staying updated with sports' chapter and verse.

A plethora of platform choices, content formats, and options empowers sports enthusiasts to tailor their viewing experience. They can readily access top-tier live streaming and on-demand sports content on their Smartphone, providing flexibility and accessibility from any location globally.

To captivate viewers and stand out with their exceptional entertainment offerings, numerous sports-centric platforms are pushing boundaries to engage their audience. They deliver content with an interactive touch, ensuring it aligns with the rising expectations of sports enthusiasts in this digital era.

To deliver engaging, one-to-one experiences for sports fans, Sportzwiki came into existence in 2013 under the leadership of Bhupendra Singh. A pioneering concept, Sportzwiki emerged as a niche player dispersing information about 50 plus sports, covering news, views & opinions for over 50mn visitors per month.

This platform goes beyond merely presenting trending narratives and match reports. It offers up-to-date statistics, provides its audience with insights into recent developments in the sports world, and actively engages viewers through live interactions, polls, and active participation on social media.

Bhupendra Singh, Founder and CEO of Sportzwiki, sums up the idea behind his entrepreneurial venture in a few lines, "Sports is the soul of India. Being a hub for ancient games, we have seen that in the past few years, the concern for lucrative sports and other local sports has lessened to a great extent.

So, trying to make people aware and conquer the untapped market, we came up with Sportzwiki, a platform that provides information on the sports of the country accounted with delivering content in all the major vernacular languages."

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Carving out as a differentiator

Nestled in Gurugram, Sportzwiki has successfully managed to reach the heart of the sports community with its quality-infused information and statistical data in line with every genre of sports around the world.

With sufficient ardour, the organization is striving hard to position itself as the biggest online sports platform catering to the needs of all sports lovers.

"We deliver multi-sports content in multi-languages that keep us above all the competitors. Designed as a UI/UX platform, we deliver content through video interactions & more. Moreover, we enable the sports author to enhance their skills & pen down their passion for reading, writing through the website," says Bhupendra.

The Team

The organization has succeeded in cultivating a dream team of brilliant employees and is fostering them with trust and cooperation. Sportzwiki's team is adorned by skilled professionals, the authors, the content editors, the social media team, and surely the production guys. 

The organization's values, philosophies, and operational methods have cultivated a culture that serves as both motivation and guidance for the Sportzwiki team. The organization's open work culture sets it apart from competitors, fostering a unique and collaborative environment.

Future Ahead

"The future of sports in India seems bright. To know that this country has a plethora of talent to offer, and with a lot of events scheduled to take place, the fans would be in for a gala time.

From the Commonwealth Games to the ICC World Cup, from the Asian Games to the Olympics, India would eye to break the duck and get a lot more laurels home.

Post the Olympics in Rio, the gates for sports like Badminton, Wrestling, and Boxing seem to have opened a lot more. Thus, more athletes are expected to gain prominence out of it.

Hockey has been the mainstay in the past, and looking at the current bunch of players in that field, one could be hopeful of their bright future. Cricket has always been the people's favourite and will remain so for years to come.

Football, now that's the sport to talk about. With the emergence of ISL and I-league, the engagement appeared to have increased only. So, in a nutshell, the country is heading towards the right path in terms of future sports.

The company also aims to attract more footfall and to be a treat for every sports lover.

Also, the company caters to the audience in more than five languages which helps to get more engagement in the end. To cover every edge of the country, the organization has already launched 7 regional languages on its platforms for a more polished engagement with the audience.

Further, Mr. Singh elaborates, "Leaving a mark isn't something that would happen in a whisker of a moment. Executing the listed plans properly is our priority.

We tend to build a web of cricket under one roof. From gathering the information to getting to play the fantasy league, we have a few things listed to find success.

As far as the near future is concerned, we will be delivering content in international languages. We are also planning to promote sports at the grass-root level in a big way."

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