Simplifying complications of User experience in India by crafting delightful experiences: UXInterface

Simplifying complications of User experience in India by crafting delightful experiences: UXInterface

Simplifying complications of User experience in India by crafting delightful experiences: UXInterface

In today's world, User experience (UX) design has disrupted the product development process and customer strategy, establishing itself as a leading component of business' competitive strength. The usability and user experience communities of practice are experiencing great growth. These developing practices have brought about a huge economic boom in the UX market as both customers and clients are beginning to understand the business benefits they bring. Indian UX companies are delivering designs that satisfy users' needs to their clients. The call for UX professionals in India is soaring up to assist companies in their UX design practices. Despite the sunny days, the clouds of sidelining end users' requirement still cover the product sky. To create the opportunity to identify ideal areas for the organizations to improve customer experience, UXInterface has been optimally crafting user experience in catering valuable Usability Services and UX/UI solutions that enable return on investment for the corporate giants from various industries. A synonym for perfection and quality, UXInterface's humble beginning started in 2014 and the focused approach of the organization and the faith of the clients have helped UXInterface to continue its journey from zero investment to become one of the finest user experience organizations in the world. Sanjat Mishra gave shape to his passion for UX design via UXInterface with a motto of meeting the emergence and requirement of user experience design in India. Today, his vision stands as a leader in User Experience engineered by extensive experience and expertise and its Usability services intend to meet the exact needs of the customers and provide them with an easy interaction with the company, its services, and products.

Sanjat's emotional connect with UXInterface: The advent

It is said that the creativity bug is infectious and the bug left a deep impact on Sanjat. His hard days modeled him in a good way. "I attended an interview in a very renowned and well-established company. After clearing all the technical rounds I was called in by the HR and the lady told me politely said, "Everything is very good Sanjat, but you are not certified from a reputed university! It damaged me internally and the words left deep wounds. I collected my confidence and asked that when honey bees make beehive or birds make their hanging nest or a spider makes the web, from which reputed university they get their certification for their artwork? Creativity is something that comes naturally. I took the challenge positively and the rest lies here in front of you."  He shares the initial days of his entrepreneurial stint with Startup City magazine, "There were a lot of initial difficulties with no financial assistance, no moral support, and many hurdles. It was daunting to create a place in the heart of customers. And the hardest part was to explain them what they were missing out!"

During his professional stint, Sanjat tried his hands over many things. He started working as a sketch artist in Ludhiana in a small garment firm and was working as garment designer till 1999. He then went to Bangalore for multimedia studies at Arena Multimedia and worked with Shoppers' Stop simultaneously. His streak of luck shifted his career to IT industry where he got his big break with Huawei Technologies India; the turning point of his life. After a stint for about a decade and a half in the corporate world, he thought it is time for his next innings as the founder of his own enterprise.

UXInterface consistently takes care and assists its client from the initial beginning to the final step to understand the target consumers and molding the apt design after a proper research and in-depth consumer insight analysis. The team makes painstaking efforts to offer solutions not only for current requirements of the industry but keeping track of every possible development in future. The company enjoys a vast geographical widespread clientele Happiest Minds, Emids, Quick Ride, Nandi, Phoenix Infotech, Hashblu, Hamsini Entertainment (Baahubali2), Vitaplus, Gramonnati, Last mile Angels and Many more.

Area of Expertise

At UXInterface, every design is the result of a careful discretion of the most suitable UX process. Holding expertise in mobile and web, the UXI Team follows a process to bring in good experiences to its users.

A team adorned with special employees

UXInterface team members represent some of the best minds in the industry who are passionate about what they do and are pouring their heart into projects of every magnitude. UXInterface is taking steps towards making its employee rolls more inclusive by hiring and retaining People with Disabilities, the uncertified creative ninjas and the responsible mothers.

Awards & Accolades

  • Recognized among '10 best UX/UI design companies 2017' by a leading Indian business magazine
  • Listed among Insight Success' Best 30 Startups in India
  • Founder & CEO Sanjat Mishra was presented prestigious Shrie Award by Parichay Foundation

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

Aiming for a prosperous future, UXInterface angles to further spread its wings by diving in new places for strengthening its presence across the country.The organization also plans to add new services and a lot of new technology & Experience Design offerings under its umbrella.  Few products are already lined up to add value to the entire range of product users in term of their business. Introduced as a manual product, the organization will automate the same in near future. With a team of, very analytical, perceptive, passionate, creative, active listeners and rational convincers, UXInterface foresees a successful journey to become a full-fledged designer enterprise, which develops designs that are not only artistic but also fulfills the user's need.

Piece of Advice

One should always look for the 'why' factor. It inspires you to continuously infuse efforts in your dream. Your passion is the only energy that can make the impossible to happen.

"I don't like being called an entrepreneur; instead I am happy being a person humbly following his passion!"Affectionate about music, Sanjat envisions establishing a creative studio for creative minds and artists from different areas.

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