Smiles SIICP

India’s frontrunner Catering Remedy for Colorectal Disorders with its Au Fait Expertise
Smiles SIICP
Smiles SIICP

Smiles SIICP: India’s frontrunner Catering Remedy for Colorectal Disorders with its Au Fait Expertise

Although India has freed herself from the deadly diseases by utilizing improved vaccination, antibiotics, and refined medical attention. However, still the death threats are soaring.

Lifestyle diseases have alarmed the situation in modern times. According to the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), India has been figured among those nations that are going to cultivate most of the lifestyle disorders shortly.

Not only these lifestyle diseases are interfering with our common lives, but they are also affecting the younger population. One such increasing concern is colorectal disorders.

Today, a percentile of 35.7 people suffers from various colorectal disorders like piles/haemorrhoids, fistula, fissures, rectal prolapsed, pilonidal sinus, etc. Further, the studies reveal more shocking data with approximately 50% of the population suffering from some or other colorectal disorder in their lifetime.

According to studies, there are an estimated 1.5 million unqualified practitioners treating colorectal issues, underscoring the gravity of the colorectal health challenges facing society. Open Air Defecation (OAD) has been identified as a primary contributor to this problem in rural areas, with women being particularly affected.

Associated myths and wrong perceptions make this disease a hush affair. Due to this, women don't often open up for this problem. Dr. CM Paramesh encountered the same incident when one of his friends suffering from Hemorrhoids approached him for treatment.

Throughout his professional career, he has encountered millions of cases related to colorectal health. Surprisingly, even individuals with education and professional backgrounds resorted to unqualified practitioners for their treatment.

As an experienced medical professional, Dr. Paramesh faced the challenge of finding a solution that would enable his friend to return to work quickly using the latest techniques. His dedicated research yielded promising results, and he successfully performed the operation on his friend.

During this period, he noticed a growing demand for proficient colorectal surgeons in the country. This realization motivated him to seek training in Germany, Italy, and other countries to acquire expertise in the latest technologies and techniques for treating colorectal disorders.

Dr. Paramesh conceived a vision to proactively address colorectal problems through cutting-edge treatment methods and to inspire young professionals to embrace minimally invasive colorectal practices. This vision led to the establishment of SIICP, India's pioneering super-specialized hospital dedicated to colorectal disorders, in 2017.

Pioneering in its field, SIICP has carved out a unique niche by offering advanced medical care for a spectrum of colorectal disorders, including Piles/Hemorrhoids, Fistula, Fissure, Rectal prolapse, Pilonidal sinus, Colon cancers, constipation, and more, all within a remarkably short span of one year since its inception.

Startup City Magazine interviewed Dr CM Paramesh, Founder & Chief Executive Officer- Smiles SIICP, to gain insights on how this healthcare magnet is minimizing the sufferings of millions.

It's not easy to be a trailblazer, what stands as the key components behind SIICP's astounding growth?

Our success is backed by deeply rooted research on treatment modalities using innovation and technology. We imply the best practices performed across the world in the colorectal segment.

With our advanced treatment techniques and methodology, we perform very minimally invasive surgeries, which are almost painless for our patients. Also, the recovery from the surgeries is shortened to 48 hours instead of almost 2 months in conventional surgery methods.

What drives you to have this vision?

Regrettably, social stigmas are still prevalent, largely due to persistent misconceptions and outdated beliefs surrounding colorectal disorders. Myths such as misconceptions about their causes, the fear of surgeries exacerbating the problem, and cultural taboos contribute to the stigma associated with these conditions.

Even many surgeons don't want them to be branded as 'Piles doctors', and hence, there is an immense gap within the medical industry itself to address this problem.

This presented a significant opportunity for us to expand our reach across various regions and provide assistance to a large population afflicted by these disorders. It allowed us to bridge the existing gap and tap into the extensive market potential available for exploration.

Smiles SIICP
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As there is a significant social stigma associated, we have a unique way of approaching conventional marketing practices in healthcare. Another approach, "TOUCH EVERY LIFE" diverts towards semi-urban and rural segments.

Currently, the program is operating successfully in Mandya, Ramanaganar, and Channapatna districts, yielding remarkable outcomes. Within this initiative, we enlist healthcare workers at the village and taluka levels, who visit each household to provide education and raise awareness about various colorectal disorders. Their mission is to discourage residents from seeking treatment from unqualified practitioners and instead encourage them to consult certified colorectal surgeons.

How did the company get to where it is today?

It has been a great journey from starting as a pilot in Mandya till date. From 2014 to 2017, the pilot was a successful one, and after testing the product in Bangalore from 2016 to 2017, it was metamorphosed into SIICP along with having Mr. Rajesh Reddy as the COO (chief operating officer).

A key instrumental to the organization. He has been taking care of non-clinical jobs such as strategy, marketing, patient experience, operations, etc.

The journey of Mandya was transformational to me in terms of designing the product and transforming the lives of rural areas. We approximately approached nearly 7 lakh families through our "Touch every life" approach.

We are also the founding members of the Equitable Health Care Access (EHA) consortium along with DHAN Foundation, LVPEI, Aravind eye hospitals, Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad, Fernandez Hospital, and a few more to make health care equitable and accessible to all.

Today, we have established one Center at Mandya and 2 Centers in Bangalore. Out of them, one is an out-reach clinic, and the other is a state of art 50, bedded exclusive colorectal super specialized hospital based on NABH standards. 

Where do you want to company to be in 3 years?

"We are striving towards establishing ourselves as a thought leader and a leading research organization in the Colo Reactal Care domain, touching at least 50 million through our "Touch every life" approach. We want to reach out to every hook and corner of the world by establishing 100 centres across the globe in the upcoming three years.

Further, we are working towards widening the team by having 200 surgeons on board and finetuning their capabilities."

What are the company's main objectives for the next year?

Now that we have defined processes and protocols for clinical and non-clinical, we are now ready to scale to different geographies. We also have enough colorectal surgeons who can join us and whom we have trained in our training programs.

So, we are planning to seek PV / VC funds to scale to different geographies. We are looking at investors who can match our vision to take this social cause along with ROI.

As soon as we get the PV / VC fund, we wish to start standalone and exclusive colorectal centers in Mangalore, Hubli, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Mumbai, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Kakinada, Hosur, and Nellore.

Dynamic Leadership 

Dr. CM Paramesh

(Founder & Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Rajesh Reddy A

(Chief Operating Officer)

Dr. Prashanth J V

(Senior Colorectal Surgeon)

Dr. Somasundar

(Anaesthesiologist – Mandya Center)

Dr. Swaroop

(Anaesthesiologist – Bangalore Center)

Dr. Karthik

(Colorectal surgeon)

Dr. Pavithra

(Medical Director  & colorectal physician– Bangalore Center)

Dr. Madesh

(Medical Director & colorectal physician  – Mandya Center)

Ms. Sowmya

(Head – Patient relation)

Ms. Anjelin

(Head – Admin)

Smiles SIICP
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Smiles SIICP
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