Indian Air Force Day: Some Important Facts about Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force Day
Indian Air Force Day Some Important Facts about Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force Day: Some Important Facts about Indian Air Force

Every year, the 8th of October is celebrated as Indian Air Force Day. The day was officially started on 8th October in the year1932 to raise awareness of the Indian air force in any organization of national security both officially and publicly.

Present-day, the day is celebrated in all air force bases across the country with various air shows and parades conducted by air force cadets. On this day, Air Force stations in many states will conduct parades at their Airbases.

Since its inception, the Indian Air Force has been shielding the country and its people.

The IAF is working with its core purpose to protect Indian territory and national interests from all threats related to the other branches of the armed forces by protecting Indian aerospace and the force is doing its work perfectly.

On this special day, we are presenting some unknown facts about the Indian Air Forces that you should know:

Indian Air Force Day
  1. Indian AirForces are the fourth largest air force in the world after the US, China, and Russia. It has around 1, 70,000 personnel and 1,500 aircraft.

  2. Padmavathy Bandopadhyay was the first woman Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force. She was also the first woman officer who became a specialist in aviation medicine.

  3. Indian Air Force created a world record during its 'Raahat' mission while rescuing civilians during the Uttarakhand flash floods by airlifting almost 20,000 civilians.

  4. The Indian Air Force has the largest airbase in Asia named the Hindon Air Force Station, it is situated in Ghaziabad.

  5. The IAF museum, situated in New Delhi holds a rich collection of memorabilia of Indian Military Aviation and also presents the history of the Indian Air Force.

  6. The motto of the Indian Air Force is "Touching the Sky with Glory" and it is working on the same motto.

  7. After the death of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, ArjanSingh, the Marshal of the Indian Air Force is the only living Indian military officer with a 5-star rank.

  8. One of the most surprising factors about the Indian Air Force is that it has a military base outside the country.  The Farkhor Airbase is in Farkhor near Tajikistan; this is India's first and only military base that is out of the nation.

  9. The highest air Force Station of the Indian Air Force is at 22,000 ft (or 6,706 m), Siachen Glacier AFS.

  10. It is a matter of pride for every India that the Indian Air Force is the way to building the 5th generation Sukhoi PAK FA with the collaboration of Russia.

These are a few interesting facts about the Indian Air Force. We hope you love it if we left any important point then please let me know in the comment section.

Because India is free from our ancestor's and freedom fighters; Now it is our responsibility to maintain their independence in the future. Happy Indian Air Force Day 2019

Indian Air Force Day
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Indian Air Force Day
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