Buffer application – A Smart Way to Manage Social Media

Buffer application – A Smart Way to Manage social media
Buffer application – A Smart Way to Manage social media

Buffer application– A Smart Way to Manage Social Media

Do you have a business that you want topromote on different social media platforms? Well, social media is one of thebest ways to build a brand out of your business. It has the potential to giveyou leads that will be your permanent customers. But it is hard for you tohandle all social media platforms because you are busy building your businessand you are not quite yet there to hire people to handle them for you. So whatcan you do?

There is an application that can help youto manage all of your social media pages from a single platform. We are talkingabout Buffer application. It is a software application designed for web as wellas mobile to manage different accounts of social networks by allowing the userto schedule posts for Instagram feed, Instagram stories, Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter, Pinterest and many other. It also helps to analyze and engage with theaudience.

This buffer application is developed byJoel Gascoigne and Leo Widrich. Joel is the current CEO of Buffer and they areworking as a remote company. They have a team of over 70 people in around 50cities of the world and almost 5 million people are registered on thisplatform. They are generating almost 17 million of revenue annually.

How to add poststo your buffer?

So the big question is how to schedule apost in buffer? Let's assume that you want to schedule for Twitter. Bufferapplication allows many options by which you can schedule tweets to youraccount. One way to do this is by opening the official website of buffer andadd tweet into it or, you can also install their browser extension or use theirIOS or Android application.

While using a browser extension, you caneasily add tweets to your buffer account like if you are reading somethingrelated to your industry so all you have to do is to click on the bufferapplication icon and it will bring a pop-up, where you can edit the tweet.

It will automatically catch Meta title andpermanent link but remember, you can always edit it. If you have multipleTwitter accounts then you can also select the account you want to tweet in.

Buffer ApplicationFeatures:

  • Allowsadding multiple Facebook pages
  • Allowsadding multiple Twitter accounts
  • AllowsInstagram direct posting
  • SupportLinkedin
  • Hasits browser extension for Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox
  • Blogsof buffer application are also available
  • Easilyintegrated with many popular application

The idea of Buffer is to post withoutannoying and irritating your audience. Therefore, it is better to set correcttime intervals. There are different time intervals for different social mediaplatforms like if you are scheduling for Twitter then the ideal time betweentwo tweets is 1-2 hours and if you are going for Facebook then you can postwithin 30 minutes. 

Multiple ProfileOptions:

Buffer application can easily add multipleInstagram profiles. It also supports other platforms like Twitter, Facebook,Pinterest, Linkedin and many more.

Team Members:

This is an important feature of bufferapplication. You can add a user to your account to handle your social media.This feature helps businesses who are running multiple social profiles ofdifferent platforms.


  1. Manystart-ups are using buffer application for scheduling social media posts andthey found it very useful and time-saving.
  2. Bufferis always improving for good. They always update their software and they alwaystry to give more value to their user.
  3. Itblends well with many software like Crate, Fire and Feedly. This makes it easyfor users to share content to their followers. It has a very simple interfaceand the free plan supports 5 social media platforms.
  4. Itsfunctionality makes it easy for its user to share amazing content and track theinteraction that every post gets. You can see its best work if you share morethan two posts per day.


  1. Postscheduling in Facebook groups and Linkedin Company Page is not available
  2. Re-postingis tough and somewhat frowned upon – even though re-posts are from past years.
  3. Postinga video is a little cumbersome.
  4. Ideally,there would be fewer limits to the free accounts but can respect their need topush users to the paid options. But still, free account is a great option to anextent.
  5. Hashtagrecommendation will be a better and useful option for the users.

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