Free Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Business Online

Free Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Business Online

Free Social Media Platforms ToPromote Your Business Online

Although social media platforms have been all the rage for quitesome time now, many business owners still don't understand the full potentialthese platforms have. Sure, you probably have a few accounts set up to promoteyour business, but that's not nearly enough.

There's a whole swing of new and old platforms that you can leverageto make your business more renewed in your industry, so join those communitiesand start a conversation with your potential customers. Here's a list that youshould consider to promote you business online:

  • Facebook

 If you haven't created onealready, a Facebook page is the place to start when it comes to the promotionof your website/business. When creating your page, make sure you choose theright category for your business and fill all the information as well as the'About' section to make it more informative.

  • Twitter

If you are doing business in the tech sector, then being present onTwitter is highly recommended. You can publish latest insights about yourcompany, links of you content and stay in touch with relevant influencers.

  • YouTube

Many people don't consider YouTube to be a place where you canpromote your website, but it's the perfect place to upload both promotional andtutorial videos especially now that YouTube has replaced regular media.

  • LinkedIn

 Every respectable businessneeds to have a LinkedIn profile. It has more than 450 million active users andit is the best social media platform for B2B businesses. You can connect withvarious businesses; find work, partners and investors.

  • Instagram

This social media platform was created for teenagers but since itwas acquired by facebook, Instagram has become a more valuable platform forpromotion. Creating and running a profile on it can build a strong brand andwill definitely give a personalised feel.

  • Pinterest

Any business that have a creative and unique product of service andhas high quality photos and graphics can promote on Pnterest. This platform isbest for people who are in fashion, accessories, design or DIY industry. 

  • Reddit

Reddit is somewhere between a social media platform and social newsaggregator, but don't let the high volume of links posted on this network foolyou – Reddit is one of the toughest crowds on the Internet when it comes tomarketing. This community doesn't allow shameless self-promotion, but they willgive you valuable feedback. If you use this platform right then it can be yourgreatest asset.

  • Tumblr

Launched mainly for bloggers, this social network/micro bloggingplatform can also be used for business. The key element of success is to tryand make your post more humorous and "aesthetic".  To redirect the audience on Tumbler, you haveto combine the latest trend with you rmessage.

  • TikTok

Formerly known as, TikTok is a short video sharingplatform where users can incorporate funny videos and music together to tell ashort story. Just like instagram, it is widely popular among teenagers butgradually many businesses are also start using this platform for promotion.

  • SlideShare

SlideShare is a platform owned by LinkedIn in which you can shareslides about your product, services or about your business. Most businessesalready have a well-designed presentation about their company, so why notupload those slides on SlideShare and reach a much larger audience.

  • AngelList

Although the AngelList was primarily built for matching startups andinvestors that want to fund them, this platform has become a tech companydatabase over the years. If you are in the entrepreneurship game, you have tocreate a profile on this platform as it will be very beneficial for you.

  •  Quora

When it comes to Quora, you need to forget about shamelessself-promotion. This is a question-and-answer based platform that appreciatesexperts and penalizes anyone who is there only for promotional purposes. Allyou have to do it to answer the questions relevant to your industry but youhave to provide value in that answer.

  • We hear it

Just like instagram, it is also a image sharing social mediaplatform. For those who depend on beautiful visuals can take full advantage ofthis platform. We hear it has a user base who likes to read and seeinspirational images so while making any visual make sure it's not justadvertisement.

  • Dailymotion

Best way to engage with your audience and get maximum attention isto create videos. Dailymotion is a great platform on which you can share yourvideos. It has a strong community and millions of monthly visits. It isrecommended that you make some funny and creative videos that has a chance togo viral on Dailymotion.

  • Vimeo

Vimeo is another video sharing platform that you can use to promoteyour business. Vimeo became popular because it was the first platform tosupport HD videos, and is still being used today


Social media websites are the best way to reach your target audienceand to engage with them. Sharing regular content on the above mentionedplatforms can drastically boost your business. So, without wasting any timecreate and start promoting your content on social media.

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