PR has changed almost beyond recognition since I started my career: S Vijay Kumar, Global CEO, PR Solution

PR has changed almost beyond recognition since I started my career: S Vijay Kumar, Global CEO, PR Solution
PR has changed almost beyond recognition since I started my career: S Vijay Kumar, Global CEO, PR Solution

PR has changed almost beyond recognition since I started my career : S Vijay Kumar, Global CEO, PR Solution 

The CEO, New Delhi :  To connect the companies of India and International arena and helping them in organizing Press Conference across the Country and abroad, S Vijay Kumar the founder of PR Solution, has built country's first Press Conference Portal. The former investigative Journalist, Vijay has an instinctive understanding of how the media tick and what clients really want. With an entrepreneurial bent of mind, Vijay has spent a decade in PR industry. He has experience in leading strategic communications, marketing and branding for global companies, Vijay has proficiency in helping clients clearly articulate their value proposition to assist drive and achieve business goals. His track record covers Education, Automobile, financial services, technology, event marketing and much more besides.

Describing himself as a passionate, workaholic, honest and sincere yet a fervent person, Mr. Vijay embarked his journey in the media relations world as a sub editor and reporter at Central India's leading English daily Central Chronicle. After polishing his reporting, editing and leadership skills for about a year, he went on to join INC, a division of ICFAI University, Hyderabad as the Media Relations Officer.

The employees of PR Solution, led by him enjoy working for latest scalable businesses from the start-up stage. Experience of meeting and knowing hundreds of entrepreneurs across the world has made them easier, why some businesses fail, the shades of balancing value-creation and cost involved in a new business along with street-smart business plans. Strategic communications across verticals, crisis communications, media outreach, brand visibility and positioning, media relations, conceptualizing breakthrough communication concepts, marketing and corporate strategy across sectors are their biggest forte. As well as traditional media, the agency deals with New Media and digital agencies also.

"With the growth of social media and search engine technology, I can candidly say that I have never been as excited about the value and power of PR as I am today in this digital age. We can make a real and clearly measurable difference to our clients' businesses." Mr. Vijay Kumar said.

" Today's incredibly fast-paced and competitive world demands a lot from your communications strategy. That's why it has never been more important to invest the time to hone your key messages up front. Get that right, and the opportunities are considerable. That's how you become recognized for specific things and take ownership of key areas in your segment. What I love most about my job is the opportunity to touch every aspect of a client's business and work in tandem with them to achieve their business goals. Since every client is exclusive, every day is different and the landscape for success is infinite. " he added.

As the CEO of the company, S Vijay Kumar plays a key role in generating PR Solution future growth initiatives and developing strategic vision. He has always had a passion for technology and get a real buzz from working in such a fast-paced industry. Having the opportunity to lead their company, it has enabled him to broaden my skills and with the explosion of the internet and the advent of social media.

Vijay Kumar, the young entrepreneur of 29 years, had started professional journey from Bhopal and travelled to Malaysia. His vision encompasses "Aiming Global Excellence". He was nominated for the European Union Media in the year 2005-06 and was selected for the Media Fellowship Programme from FPA India.

The company PR Solution aspires to become leading Brand and Image Management Group of world by offering innovative and result oriented 360 degree brand development solutions to their customers.

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