Nalini Singh

A Trailblazing Figure in Indian Journalism
Nalini Singh
Nalini SinghA Trailblazing Figure in Indian Journalism

Early Years and Family Legacy

Born on September 1, 1945, Nalini Singh emerged as a formidable presence in Indian journalism, inheriting a legacy deeply intertwined with social causes and media activism.

Raised in a family where journalism was more than a profession, it was a commitment to societal betterment.

Nalini's roots trace back to her father, H. D. Shourie, a notable consumer rights advocate, and her brothers, Deepak Shourie and Arun Shourie, distinguished journalists in their own right.

Nalini Singh
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Diverse Career Trajectory

Nalini Singh's illustrious career encompasses both broadcasting and publishing, showcasing her versatility and impact on the media landscape. Her on-screen journey on Doordarshan, the state-owned television network, included anchoring various current affairs programs.

Notably, 'Aankhon Dekhi,' her investigative journalism show, garnered acclaim for its thorough exploration of pressing issues. In 1995, she curated and presented 'Hello Zindagi,' another feather in her cap.

Beyond the camera, Singh plays pivotal roles behind the scenes. As the Managing Director of TV Live India Pvt Ltd and the Managing Editor of News Channel Nepal-1, she significantly shapes the strategic and editorial direction of media organisations.

Family Ties and Legacy

Nalini Singh's familial connections extend beyond the realm of journalism. She is the daughter-in-law of Sir Chandeshwar Prasad Narayan Singh, a former Governor of Uttar Pradesh and the inaugural Indian Ambassador to Nepal.

The complexities of her familial relationships, including her daughter Ratna Vira, who has achieved recognition as an author, add a personal dimension to her public persona.

Nalini Singh
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Literary Contributions

In addition to her impactful broadcasting career, Nalini Singh has left her mark in the literary domain. Co-authoring 'Women's Quest for Power: Five Indian Case Studies' in 1980 alongside Devaki Jain and Malini Chand, the book provides valuable insights into power dynamics from a female perspective.

Enduring Legacy

Nalini Singh's influence on Indian journalism is enduring. Her commitment to investigative reporting and her trailblazing approach make her a figurehead, inspiring future generations of journalists.

In a career marked by versatility, family legacy, and literary contributions, Nalini Singh stands as a beacon in the ever-evolving landscape of Indian media.

Nalini Singh
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