Leading healthcare management firm Techindia underlines its presence in the global Care Continuum space

Leading healthcare management firm Techindia underlines its presence in the global Care Continuum space.

The CEO Correspondent, New Delhi

Techindia is one of the pioneers in India offering remote healthcare management services for global healthcare providers. Incepted in 2000, the company has grown manifold and has reinforced its position as a dependable offshore partner for leading global healthcare providers. With over 700 employees, the company is now aggressively looking to expand into mature global markets. All through this journey of 15+ years, Techindia has attained immense credibility with its customers, something that is noteworthy considering the apprehensions of global healthcare providers when it comes to outsourcing secure patient data.

Strong domain knowledge coupled with sharp business and technology acumen have always remained the pillars of Techindia. Further, staying ahead of the curve and continuously looking out for competitive differentiation as a value addition to customers have ensured that Techindia remains miles ahead of other service providers from the APAC region.

The company today boasts of retaining some of the marquee clients from the US; each account growing by the year. Sleep and Cardiac diagnostics are Techindia's mainstay. The company also offers an array of managed healthcare services across the board like revenue cycle management, tele-radiology and ECG interpretation services; each operating like an SBU within Techindia. Techindia boasts of state-of-art infrastructure, dedicated facilities across five offshore centers in Chennai and Pondicherry, 24/7/365 operations, qualified and certified managers with significant experience in the US and an overall "customer first" attitude.

The Maverick behind the Success of Techindia:

Sathya Kumar is the Founder & CEO of Techinfoway Private Ltd; a man who is deep-rooted, gritty and sports a never-say-die attitude. A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, Sathya specialized in Robotics Design Consulting during the 1990s. Among other things, he was an active contributor to the R&D department, building automation systems for the Automotive and Defence industries then. His constant thirst for innovation got him to make a natural move towards emerging technology areas. In the late 1990s, Sathya and his team had already ideated, built and delivered several web-based applications for the manufacturing industry. It was around this time that Sathya identified the need for technology to play a big role in Healthcare. He visited the US and European countries and invested time to understand the space inside-out. By now, his determination to create a difference in the technology-enabled healthcare services became stronger….and subsequently, Techindia was born!

Today, Sathya is one of the most-sought-after senior executives in the healthcare management services domain. He is a thought leader and a go-to person by choice for some of the leading IDTFs in the US. His ability to prescribe business solutions to healthcare providers that positively impact business bottom-lines and increase patient engagement have been widely acknowledged. Back in India, Sathya takes pride in having built a solid management team that has stayed with him and has always delivered whenever there was a need. Techindia enjoys one of the best (lowest) attrition rates in an industry that is constantly marred by human capital issues. A casual conversation with one of the line managers showed that Sathya was a man who walks the talk.

When asked how he has managed to build such an enviable enterprise, Sathya says, "Professionalism and business ethics are critical success factors for any business to succeed in today's world". No wonder, he stands tall both within his company as well as with his global customers. He adds that whatever Techindia has achieved in these 15-odd years is only a humble beginning and that the company will go on to create history in the coming years. We couldn't but help admire this gentleman, can we?

On the lighter side, Sathya enjoys travelling and meeting new people. He loves to eat and he is a fitness freak too.

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