Stay Fit after Sixty: Amazing Strategies for Aging Well

Stay Fit after Sixty: Amazing Strategies for Aging Well

Stay Fit after Sixty: Amazing Strategies for Aging Well

Gettingolder is inevitable. While it is not possible to control age, one can slow thedecline of aging with smart choices along the way. From the foods you eat andhow you exercise to your friendships and retirement goals- it all affects howfast or slow your body ages. Keep reading for simple ways to keep your bodytuned up and your mind tuned in. And the best part is that it is never too lateto get started.

Whetheryou have a few specific goals to boost your physical stamina and mental clarityor just wish to be more active and able to live life with energy and verve,here are some amazing ideas for staying in shape:

Stay Physically Strong

Youlose muscle mass when you get older. Offset that by doing strength training.You can easily use weight machines at a gym, lighter weights you hold in yourhands or your body weight for resistance such as in yoga or Pilates.

High-intensityinterval training is less intimidating than it sounds. You just need to repeatshort bursts of all-out exercise with a longer period of easy recovery. In thelast few years, this kind of exercise has generated considerable attentionamong exercise scientists because this kind of workout seems to support of anyage and any fitness level to become healthier. Do some high-intensity workout atleast for 15 minutes including a warm-up and cool-down and get amazing healthand fitness benefits.

Make Change in the Diet

Whenyou age, you should eat carefully. At this age, the majority of diets should bedesigned with unique bodies in mind. One of the effective eating strategies foraging well is to skip processed foods and beverages. It will eliminate addedsugars from your diet. Cut out packaged foods, you will start eating a lot morefruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish and whole grains.

Whileyou do not need to plan your health around 'anysuper food', you can eat normal fruits like blueberries; there is a lot tobe said for eating blueberries. Studies have proved that eating the equivalentof a cup of blueberries a day lowered blood pressure. Although, it is notpossible to eat a daily cup of blueberries, best you can add darkly colouredfruits and vegetables like cherries, spinach, blueberries to your diet. Theyare loaded with nutrients, carotenoids, and fibre.

Hydration is Compulsory

Drinkplenty of water. Sometimes, thirst marks itself as hunger. But when you getolder, you may not be as quick to notice when you are thirsty. On average, youshould take 64 ounces of water. You can drink it or get part of it from foodsthat are naturally rich in water like tomatoes and cucumbers. In case, you arenot so sure if you are getting enough water, check your urine, it should bepale yellow.

Outsmart Your Metabolism

Eatsmaller meals and snacks, and don't go much longer than 3 hours without eating.Because your metabolism is already slow, if you are starving yourself, it isjust getting slower. You may require fewer calories than you did at youryounger age. Talk to your doctor or any reputed dietician about it. If you areeating the same way you did when you were young, you are going to be gaining.

Take Care of Your Brain

Agingwell means taking care of body and mind both but, we think that keeping ourbodies fit is enough for the brain.  One needs to make extra efforts forbrain. Learning while moving may be a potent way to slow the effects of aging,strengthening the body as well as the mind. Learn what you like from dancing,singing, painting and many more.

Artcan inspire an aging body and mind. Activities like music, painting, singing,poetry writing and storytelling add meaning, joy and a vibrant sense ofwell-being to the lives of older people. While you cannot stop aging but whenyou involve in arts programs, your aging process gets slow. Overall, the healthof such people becomes established, compared with those who are not involved inany such activity. All in all, if you wish to enhance your chances of agingwell, consider exploring your inner artist. Take up photography, painting, andjoin a group of fellow artists to improve your social network to share withothers the exhilarating feelings of creating art.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

If youare not physically active, a weekly routine of yoga and meditation may strengthenthinking skills and help to stave off aging-related mental decline. Regularpractice of yoga improves your mood and scored lower on a scale for potentialdepression.

These arefew important steps that one needs to follow after 60s to age well. Apart fromall these steps and techniques, try to stay positive and enjoy every moment.When you stay happy internally, you get 100% of everything you do.

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