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The e-commerce space is growing at an exponential rate in India, with newer players joining the already crowded space. The industry itself may reach $100 billion by 2020.

However, amidst all these growth stories and escalating valuations, traditional retailers, who comprise 90 per cent of the entire retail market in India, are suddenly feeling left out.

These offline players may be a little late to the party, but they are trying to compensate for this delay with their in-depth knowledge of the retail market. However, knowledge of the traditional market may not be sufficient to play the new game being played in the online space.

Among the challenges faced by these new entrants include understanding and exploiting the ever-evolving digital technologies and the massive logistical infrastructure needed to reach the doorstep of every customer across the country.

Apollo International
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It is in this setting that Raaja Kanwar, the founder of Apollo Logi Solutions, among the fastest-growing logistics players in India, decided to partner with LYCOS to provide end-to-end solutions for traditional retailers who want to join the e-commerce bandwagon.

Apollo LYCOS Net Commerce (ALN)

The new joint venture – Apollo LYCOS Net Commerce (ALN)– aims to provide cutting-edge technology and solutions to offline retailers who are now looking at extending their presence in the digital market.

ALN plans to design, develop and sustain e-commerce platforms for brands by enabling full-cycle fulfillment.

The exhaustive list of services provided includes setting up of platforms, online brand promotion, digital marketing of their products and services, driving engagement and sign-ups, fulfilling orders and inventory tracking and management, order delivery and reverse logistics. All this without compromising data security and consumer privacy,

"We saw that many traditional retailers had their eyes set on the e-commerce space. But lack of expertise and shortage of talented resources prevented many of these players from entering the cut-throat space of online retailing.

It is thereby we thought of joining hands with Lycos to offer the best of our respective expertise and credibility to customers who are all geared up to claim their space in the growing ecommerce market in India" said Raaja Kanwar.

Revolutionizing Retail with Technology and E-commerce Solutions

A business-to-business company, ALN's strength will also lie in leveraging the technology and digital marketing services of companies and providing a unique service to clients.

The focus will be on enabling offline retailers, domestic, and international brands, and even shopping malls to promote more online and expand their customer base.

The joint venture also saw the entry of LYCOS in India. LYCOS, which is one of the original and most widely known Internet brands in the world, has today become one of the biggest global one-stop shops for the e-commerce world. LYCOS' expertise ranges from digital media, marketing, andthe Internet of Things.

The entity also heavily banks on the logistical prowess of Apollo LogiSolutions. Customers of ALN will benefit from the company's 800000 sq.m of warehouse capacity, a presence in over 100 countries,s and 3 terminals spread across the country. The capacity and reach are expected to grow further in the next few years.

"Among the biggest advantages, our partnership offers is that we make the operations of our customers more efficient, lean, and profitable.

The combined expertise of Apollo LogiSolutions and Lycos will empower retail brands with the best techniques & customized strategies which will help them leave a mark on the online retail space in India.

ALN's endeavor is also to bring unique digital shopping experience to Indian consumers, where they can interact directly with global brands they love" added Mr Kanwar.

Apollo International
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