Aptech bridges the Gap between Demand and Supply

Aptech bridges the Gap between Demand and Supply
Aptech bridges the Gap between Demand and Supply

Aptech bridges the Gap between Demand and Supply

Offering skill development programmes in 40 Countries

Ayanangsha Maitra ● The CEO Magazine

Unemployment is not only a headache for individual and institutions; it becomes a social issue for 1.25 billion's country India. According to the National Occupational Classification code, 90% of jobs require skills and 90% of students that graduate, have no skill. Almost similar scenario can be seen in the western counties as well as developing countries, which makes intelligentsia anxious. A few noted members of academia, alumni of prestigious institutions have been trying to solve this issue through different platforms. Now, many e-learning portals have launched e-commerce courses that aim to train young professionals in the retail & e-commerce industry- one of the upcoming and booming industries in the Indian economy. In 1986 Aptech Ltd was founded by Mr. Atul Nishar to deliver the pedagogy focusing on job-oriented computer and technological education. The company aims bridging the gap by training students to make the job-seekers industry relevant and provide them skills that will prevent redundancy.

As a globally recognized training institute, Aptech lays heavy emphasis on the importance of skill based training and vocational education. Aptech has grown leaps and bounds ever since its inception and has been synonymous with providing exceptional services in the education sector in India and overseas. Apart from India, It presently operates in 40 emerging countries across the world including China. As a leader in career education, it has over 1300 learning centers across the world. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has presence in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, New Delhi, Kochi, Bhubaneswar & Kolkata in India.


Due to its reputation and demand in the market, many businessmen have shaken their hands with the MD of Aptech. Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mr. C.Y. Pal, Mr. Ninad Karpe, Mr. Utpal Sheth, Mr. Asit Koticha, Mr. Rajiv Agarwal, Mr. Ramesh Damani, Mr. Yash Mahajan, Mr. Vijay Aggarwal, Mr. Anuj Kacker, Mr. Maheshwari Peri and Ms. Madhu Jayakumar are the members of the board.

Nearly 399 employees are in the list of pay-roll and 72 are temporary employees of non- regular staff.

MAAC & Arena Animation, brand of Aptech are the fore-runners in providing training in the art of animation and visual effects with a huge share of the market that provides this facility. They have received revenue through various student engagement events such as Kalakari, Orbit Live, 24 FPS, Panorama, Creative Minds, MAAC Klick and MasterClass conducted by MAAC.

Aptech expects to expand its horizons in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India, as well as to broaden their scope of activities in other countries where skill-development has a serious deficit. By providing training facilities for young students and promising professionals, Aptech aims at reducing the gap between demand and supply of skilled individuals in various sectors. The main idea behind proving such training is to improve the quality of education and heightening the probability of a better employment opportunity to the youth.

Recently, Aptech was selected as a finalist for the Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year Award. The company has also received the award for Best Computer Training School of the Year at the Uganda Responsible Investment Awards by Uganda's Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi. Its Vietnam wing has also received ICT gold medal in Vietnam.

Key Executive

A renowned voice of the education sector on prominent business channels, Mr. Ninad Karpe joined Aptech Ltd as the MD & CEO in February 2009. Since then he has been aggressively driving strategy to position Aptech Ltd as a global learning solutions provider.

He started his working career as a Consultant, advising companies seeking to invest in India. He has authored several books on strategy, taxation and foreign investment in India. He regularly contributes in newspapers, magazines ,journals and blogs .

Karpe also visits management schools to speak on business strategy. In his pre-Aptech avatar, Ninad was the MD of Computer Associates for India & SAARC countries. In his capacity as MD of the Indian operations of CA-the world's fourth largest software company, Ninad was responsible for leading the adoption of CA's technology reach and strengthening strategic partnerships in India.

Ninad has a rare but an interesting hobby of home wine-making.

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