Top Four Reasons Why Good Employees Quit

Top Four Reasons Why Good Employees Quit

If you want to keep your employees loyal, you should be asking what they want. It is not only a good business decision, but it is the most important factor for the business sunstability.

There are many reasons why people quit, such as lack of communication, Relocation, personal & professional life balance, conflicts between co-worker, personal reason etc. There may be many other reasons, which may be running in your mind, while reading this article. But I want to focus on the top five reasons why the good employees leave the workplace.


When the work is assigned, then its a management duty to engage employees, enforce & often times reward system to keep employees loyal and satisfied. Team leader, manager or supervisor may implement the recognition on the small scale for the employees who have reached to target or work assigned to them or help to achieve the target in any way. But, employees also expect the recognition from the top management to stay committed.

Not everyone is skilled enough to lead the people or manage the process. If someone is good in what he do, doesn't mean that he will be great manager. When the people are not fit to lead the team or organization and are put in the positions of leadership, it can create a catastrophic circumstance in the workplace & decrease the employee morale. Very famous saying is hundred percent correct here, that will all know very well "People don't leave companies, they leave their managers".

Poor Reward System:

Every employee is expecting the reward for the every ordinary work which he made it extra ordinary. It is not compulsory, that you should pay the heavy cheques, rewarding can be done in many ways, such as corporate recognition both internally and externally (through online website or press release), Paid Vacation, promotion, trip to any good place or rewarding can be done by paying an unexpected bonus. There are many other ways to reward the employees, but you should always keep in mind, employees never ask for the award or recognition but they expect from the management. It depends directly proportional to the performance of the employee. This is the key to engage your employees & find what your employees value most & work from there.


When the good workers see the people who do not contribute as much as they do or they do little but socialize a lot positions for that they don't deserve, it`s much like the slap on their face. Especially, when the good workers are bursting their butts, not taking vacation, taking all the responsibility of the work assigned, and increasing the expectations, they want to see any good person to take the senior position, when they think they are not qualified for the same.  If you are planning to hire your relative who has no idea about the work what you are doing, then you can expect your good employees to leave. Wrong hiring is also the reason that make good employees to rethink about their abilities and knowledge.

Too Much Work:

The moment employers see employees who are working ethically, and also performing good then the real game starts, employers begin pouring more work and responsibilities on them & they think that they can handle, but it becomes the problem when they feel that they can escape the amount of responsibility and attention they receive from the management. But the reward shouldn`t be always to pour a workload. Its Important, to ensure that they don't feel overwhelmed causing them to burn out of it.

Ultimately, the organizational culture determines the scope of employee retention.  To get the good employee, just ask them what it will take. If you see someone is doing good work, recognize and reward but you should not forget to find out how you can empower them to continuously deliver.

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