What are the Small Scale Business Ideas for Rural Areas and Villages in India?

What are the Small Scale Business Ideas for Rural Areas and Villages in India?

What are the Small Scale Business Ideas forRural Areas and Villages in India?

Ifyou think you need to live in a big city to start a successful business, youare wrong here. In this modern-day, business is not limited to big cities onlybut small towns as well as rural areas. There is a lot of scope in these areasto have a successful business and this is the reason why business in smalltowns and rural areas are on progressive path these days.

Find below the selected list of businessesyou can start in small towns and village.

Internet Cafe and Photo Copy Shop

Evenin this modern age, in India, rural areas and small towns still do not haveproper internet connectivity, so opening an internet cafe can be a goodbusiness idea in such areas. Internet café is quite famous among the youth.Like the city, you can charge them on an hourly basis. Internet Cafe is aperfect way to earn a good income according to the number of customers visitingthe cafe. You can start this business with a few computers and a printer whichwill also handle scanning and photocopy work. This business required someinvestment to buy computers and get an internet connection, but it willgenerate good revenue alsp.

Educational Institutes

Coachingand schools are a profitable business, and income from this is huge. When itcomes to investment, for institute initially you can be started from home. Forschools and colleges, banks provide loan to start these kinds of educationalinstitutions in the village and rural areas. After establishment, you will beable to earn a heavy return on the investment.

Agarbatti Making Business

Thedemand for incense sticks or agarbatti is huge in national as well asinternational market. This is a profitable and unique small business idea.Under it, you need to make a small investment on some raw materials such ascharcoal powder, aromatic essence, etc. 

Small Scale Manufacturing Unit

Establishinga small scale manufacturing business like disposable paper cups, paper bags,plates, etc. is a great idea as these things are always in high demand. It doesneed a big investment, mostly need to spend money on buying raw materials andresources that are very cheap.

Everything Store

Inmany villages, there is not enough population or growth to have many stores fordifferent products. Due to which, people from those areas have to go to bigcities to buy different goods and services they need to fulfil their needs.Here, everything store is a perfect solution for all their problems. You canstart everything store in your nearby and sell all the varieties of productsliving in your area. It will save their considerable amounts of time andeffort. To start this retail business idea, start by surveying your neighboursto see what the high demand for products and services are.

Innutshell, I want you to know that there are a variety of business ideas thatyou can formulize in your village also, and these five are perfect for it. Allyou just need is a determined mindset and a good business plan.

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