We transform an Idea into a Product, reveals Ravi Velagapudi, CEO of ATMECS

We transform an Idea into a Product, reveals Ravi Velagapudi, CEO of ATMECS
We transform an Idea into a Product, reveals Ravi Velagapudi, CEO of ATMECS

We transform an Idea into a Product, reveals Ravi Velagapudi, CEO of ATMECS

Seasoned, serial and young entrepreneur Ravi Velagapudi has an impeccable track record of professional success in Cloud and Big Data Engineering services has served several companies for twenty five years in Silicon Valley.

With a vision to start his own company, he came back to India and started several initiatives. After acquisition of his previous company Rofous, he launched ATMECS.

ATMECS, a technology startup founded in 2013, offers a wide array of services in the domain of Cloud, Big Data and IOT.

Currently the company has a well-coordinated team of over 250 people that includes seasoned Information Technology industry experts, technical architects, engineers, project managers, marketing analysts, programmers and designers.

They have hands-on experience and diverse skillset in-house, which enables the company to develop innovative and cutting edge products.The company is based out of Hyderabad in a well-equipped, state-of-the-art office.

Within just two years of its illustrious journey, the company has crossed several milestones and now takes pride to make its footprints in foreign countries like Singapore, Chile and São Paulo.

Speaking to The CEO Magazine, Mr. Ravi, the CEO of ATMECS stated "We are very much comfortable in Hyderabad to deliver our services. We are glad to be a partner of companies like DreamWorks, HP, Citrix. Our company is trying to deliver best quality and scalable services to many start-up companies as well. "

According to him they are uniquely positioned, and do not simply follow the traditional IT services model. They do extensive research in the cloud, big data, and automation-related services.

Recently they have opened a new lab for Cloud services, which was inaugurated by Ulf Baumann, Vice President of HP Cloud Operations. ATMECS takes the role of a "Trusted Partner" with its customers to establish deep connections with product owners, engineering, and support services of the customer.

Needless to say, there is a constant visit of customer executives to ATMECS, to build & establish relationships with employees.

What is the biggest achievement of the company? "HP cloud division was looking for a partner for Helion. We have partnered with them to take it to the next level" Mr. Ravi said.

"Indian companies are delivering excellent services related to cloud, Big Data and will be a major force in IoT services. The country has a very big future." he opined.

We transform an Idea into a Product, reveals Ravi Velagapudi, CEO of ATMECS
Building a Brand Identity: Logo and Visuals

Presently the company offers the following services:

  • Big Data / BI Services – Data Strategy, Data Ingestion, Data Normalization, Data Warehousing, Data migration to Cloud, Data Visualization, Data Monetization, Data Optimization, Market Research

  • DevOps – Infrastructure Automation using Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, etc.

  • Cloud Computing – Building Private Clouds, Integration into SaaS applications, Maintaining and Optimization of Infrastructure, Cloud Data migration, Application development

  • Mobile Computing – Application development supporting Native and Hybrid apps on Android, iOS, and Windows.

  • Product Development – Java, .NET, NodeJS, AngularJS, PHP, Python

  • Automation Engineering – Desktop, Web Browser, Web Services, and Mobile Automation framework Development. Research on automation in Cloud & Big Data areas. Focused on Performance and Security testing.

The People Behind Success 

Ravi Velagapudi

Serial entrepreneur Ravi Velagapudi founded ATMECS in 2013, he is also the president of the company. He has served several companies for twenty-five years in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

In the past, he successfully built a large software services company Innova Solutions, which was successfully acquired by Ness Technologies, a Nasdaq-listed company from Israel.

In recent years Ravi Velagapudi founded Rofous Inc with fourteen hundred employees and got acquired by Goldman Sachs, Sequoia, an NEA-invested company.

With Rofous, Ravi Velagapudi partnered with Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft and helped to build their flagship products. Now he focuses on R& D services with state of next-generation product areas – Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Automation, and the Internet of Things.

Mr. Velagapudi enjoys gardening, traveling, meeting people, and learning new things in his free time.

We transform an Idea into a Product, reveals Ravi Velagapudi, CEO of ATMECS
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We transform an Idea into a Product, reveals Ravi Velagapudi, CEO of ATMECS
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