Top 10 Online Psychology Bachelors Program

Figuring out where to apply for the bachelor's degree in psychology? Finding and pursuing an online bachelor's degree in psychology is easier than ever.
Top 10 Online Psychology Bachelors Program

Psychology means understanding human behaviour and going deep into it. Not only is it an interesting subject to study, but also it opens the opportunity for a vast career option. Here is a list of some best universities option you can consider for applying for your bachelors in psychology-

1. University of Florida:

The Gainesville-based University offers an online bachelor of psychology. It is a four-year program that provides students with the opportunity to study at the University of Florida.

The program is designed to prepare students for careers in the field of clinical psychiatry, neuroscience, and behaviour science. Online students get access to the same faculty members as offline students.

2. University of Louisiana at Monroe:

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is situated in Monroe, Louisiana.

Their program includes mythology, history, systems of psychology, the evolution of psychology, positive psychology, and many more. The average tuition fee is $9,000 in-state and $21,000 out of state.

3. University of Central Florida:

This university is located in Orlando. They offer many online courses including a bachelor's degree in psychology. They offer various subjects like clinical, experimental, general, human factors, industrial, or neuroscience.

Students have to choose among these subjects which they like to study further.

The career opportunities are various after getting the degree such as career counselor, counselor, higher human administrator, human resource administrator, mental health care provider, psychiatric technician, researcher, etc.

The average fee of the University of Central Florida is around $180 in-state and $715 for out-of-state.

4. Eastern Washington University:

Cheney, Washington-based, University offers a Bachelor in Arts Degree in psychology.

This program includes social science, general psychology, happiness, positive psychology, psychotherapy, human memory, and cognition, etc. The average tuition fee of the university is $8,000 in state and #26,000 in our state.

5. Fayetteville State University:

Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this university offers an online bachelor of science in psychology.

This program includes general psychology, theories of learning, abnormal psychology, history and systems of psychology, positive psychology, and many more. The average tuition fee is $100 per credit in-state and $250 per credit in our state.

Top 10 Online Psychology Bachelors Program
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6. Ohio University:

Ohio University is located in Athens, Ohio. They offer a bachelor's degree in psychology which includes subjects like behavioral science, psychological science, social psychology, and many more.

The students can start their career in human services, business, and health services, or students go for higher studies.

7. McNeese State University:

Lake Charles, Louisiana-based this university offers a bachelor's degree in psychology. The program includes history and theory of psychology, procedures and psychology research, psychology of learning, research methodology in psychology.

They also have a system where students can do internships while studying to gain practical experience. The average tuition cost of the university is around $8,500 in state and $16,500 in out state.

8. Maryville University:

Saint Louis Marville University offers an online bachelor's degree in psychology. This course includes experimental methodology, human development, and biological and social aspects of behavior.

Maryville University is the 2nd fastest-growing private university in the US. You don't have to sit for any entrance examination to get admitted here, and there is no application free.

9. University of Minnesota-Duluth:

This university offers a 100% online Bachelors of Science in Psychology. They help students to understand foundation psychological concepts and how to apply them to a variety of fields and communities.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota, many students start their careers in behavioral health, case management, and social services.

The average tuition fee is $500 per credit for in-state students and $700 per credit for out-state students.

10. Loyola University New Orleans:

New Orleans-based university has many online bachelor's degree programs including the bachelor of arts in psychology. Their course offers cognitive neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, social and personality psychology.

At Loyola University, online students get the same faculty as offline students. They prepare their students in mental health and human service positions during the program.

These universities offer 100% online classes to make education more flexible. An online psychology degree will help you to get more opportunities in the future.

You can enter into professional fields or can go for higher studies after graduating from these reputed universities. Hopefully, you found this post interesting and helpful. Subscribe to the Startup City Magazine to get all the latest updates in your inbox.

Top 10 Online Psychology Bachelors Program
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Top 10 Online Psychology Bachelors Program

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