SEC Release IA-1092: An Overview of Financial Regulation

SEC Release IA-1092
SEC Release IA-1092An Overview of Financial Regulation

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plays a crucial role as the regulatory authority overseeing the financial markets in the United States. One significant document within its purview is SEC Release IA-1092, which provides essential guidance on the application of state and federal laws to investment advisers and financial planners.

So, what precisely is SEC Release IA-1092, and what makes it of such significance? This article will explore these questions.

What is SEC Release IA-1092?

SEC Release IA-1092 is a declaration issued by the SEC. It aims to offer lucid interpretations regarding the application of state and federal laws to entities providing financial services.

It serves as an extension of the framework set forth by the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, known as the Advisers Act, which primarily aims to protect individuals who depend on investment advisers for advice on securities transactions.

SEC Release IA-1092
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History and Development

In 1987, SEC Release IA-1092 emerged as a result of collaborative endeavours between the SEC at the federal level and the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) at the state level. Its genesis was spurred by the burgeoning landscape of financial planning and investment advisory services witnessed during the 1980s.

Key Components of SEC Release IA-1092

Definition Clarification: IA-1092 aimed to provide clarity regarding the roles and obligations of investment advisers and pension consultants. It expanded the definition of investment advisers to encompass pension consultants as well as advisers to athletes and entertainers.

Registration Requirements: The release outlined registration criteria for firms involved in recommending investment advisers. Entities regularly offering advisory services, even if not their primary focus, were required to register.

Broker-Dealer Exemption: It imposed limitations on registered representatives of broker-dealers seeking exemption through establishing separate entities for offering fee-based financial planning or investment advice.

Compensation Interpretation: IA-1092 broadened the scope of compensation to include not only monetary gains but also the receipt of products, services, or discounts.

Exclusion Criteria: Notably, individuals involved in negotiating sports or entertainment contracts without providing investment advice were exempted from being classified as investment advisers.

SEC Release IA-1092
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The Relationship with the Investment Advisers Act of 1940

The Investment Advisers Act of 1940 is the foundational statute in this field. It defines an investment adviser as an individual providing advice on securities' value or profitability for compensation. Recognising their significance in interstate commerce, securities markets, and the overall economy, the Act emphasises the pivotal role of investment advisers at a national level.

Essentially, SEC Release IA-1092 serves as a complementary companion to the Advisers Act, offering further insights into its provisions and broadening its relevance to the ever-changing financial environments.


SEC Release IA-1092 exemplifies the SEC's dedication to promoting transparency and regulatory lucidity within the financial realm. Through offering interpretive guidance on adviser regulations, the SEC guarantees that investors and service providers comprehend their respective rights and responsibilities within the regulatory structure.

As financial landscapes undergo continual evolution, releases such as IA-1092 will continue to play a crucial role in upholding integrity and confidence within the investment domain.

SEC Release IA-1092
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