Know your Universal Account Number (UAN) status

Know your Universal Account Number (UAN) status
Know your Universal Account Number (UAN) statusKnow your Universal Account Number (UAN) status

Know your Universal Account Number (UAN) status:

The Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has issued around 41.7 million Universal Account Numbers (UANs). Also, the EPFO is expected to launch its scheme on making Provident Fund numbers portable on 23rd, September 2014.

So, it is advisable to know – What is UAN? How to activate UAN registration? What is the procedure for updating KYC on UAN? What are the facilities available on the UAN member portal?

What is a Universal Account Number?

UAN is a unique identification number issued by EPFO to its members. A universal number is generated for each of the PF (Provident Fund) Account Numbers at EPFO. This UAN will act as an umbrella for the multiple 'Member IDs' allotted to the same individual (Employee or EPF Account holder).

What are Member IDs?

Let's say you have been working for Infosys for the last 2 years. You might be contributing to EPF through your EPF A/C. EPFO treats Infosys as an 'Establishment' and 'You' as a 'Member' of EPFO.

Since you are a member of EPFO, Infosys would have created a 'Member-Id' through which you contribute to your  EPF a/c. So, Member ID is nothing but your EPF a/c number.

EPFO will generate 'UAN' and share it with Infosys. You have to collect UAN from your employer. Your existing member ID will be linked with your UAN.

Next year, if you shift to a different company then UAN will remain the same. But, your new company will provide another 'Member Id.' This is linked to your UAN.

You just need to disclose your UAN/previous member ID to the new employer through Form-11. Like this, UAN will act as an umbrella for the multiple 'Member IDs' allotted to the same individual.

Know your Universal Account Number (UAN) status
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How to check the status of my UAN?

  • Visit this LINK.

  • Click on 'Know your UAN status.'

  • Enter your EPF a/c details and check the UAN status.

How to activate my UAN?

Once you collect UAN and Member-Id from your employer, you need to activate your UAN.

  • Visit this LINK.

  • Click on 'Activate your UAN.'

  • Enter your UAN, Mobile no, and Member-ID details.

  • Click on 'Get Pin' to receive authorization PIN on your mobile

  • Click on 'I Agree and enter the authorization PIN

  • In the next screen enter Father's / Husband's name and Date of Birth.

  • Create a new password. (User name is UAN only)

  • Provide Email-Id and click on submit.

You may log in and log in to the UAN member portal anytime using the username and password.

Facilities that are available on the UAN member portal

  • You can download the PF pass-book. This contains your employer's and your EPF contribution details.

  • You can download the UAN card in PDF format.

  • You can update your previous Member ID. The name in the previous ID should be the name of the current member.

  • View the details of all the linked Member IDs.

  • You can submit a new 'EPF Transfer claim.' (As of now this is not live)

  • You can view the Transfer Claim Status.

  • You can change your mobile number, email, and personal details

  • Login to the UAN portal with your username and password

  • Click on the 'Download' option to view your UAN card

  • If your employer has uploaded KYC (Know Your Customer) docs then it will reflect on the front side of your UAN card as 'YES'. In case of nonavailability of KYC, then it will reflect as 'NO'

How to check KYC status?

  • You can upload KYC docs by yourself by clicking on the 'Profile' option.

  • Upload any of the required KYC docs and submit.

  • Your employer has to approve your KYC submission

If you are employed for the first time then your Employer will collect the completed Form-11 and KYC documents from you. These documents are submitted to EPFO by the employer.

Your employer will confirm these details with EPFO. Once it is approved by the employer, this information will be pushed to EPFO for UAN allotment/linkage accordingly.

The total number of members of ISFO is estimated to be 11.78 croof as of March 31, 2014. The UAN member portal is user-friendly and will be beneficial to all the members.

Know your Universal Account Number (UAN) status
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Know your Universal Account Number (UAN) status
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