8 Best Home-based Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

8 Best Home based Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs
8 Best Home based Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

8 Best Home-based Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for home-based business ideas that can be started with no or minimal investment? You have come to the right place. It is observed that women want to start their business venture but get lost in finding the right idea, to begin with.

Here in this article, we are presenting some amazing business ideas that you can start from your home with a lost investment. 

Go through the list of home-based business ideas that are easy to start and have high-income potential.


A crèche or babysitter service is a perfect home-based business in India. It does not need a lot of investment. A couple of playpens, some toys and games, diapers, baby food, and a first aid kit are enough to start your business. Keep in mind that you will have to provide high-quality care and personalized attention to all the kids you handle.


If you have something to share through your writing or photographs, then blogging is the best choice for you. Today, a lot of people are earning name, fame, and money by running a blog.

You do not need any physical infrastructure for it. Share the latest fashion trends, partake in your food experience, etc.

8 Best Home based Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs
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Beauty Parlour

Starting a beauty parlor needs a little investment in training, quality products, and basic equipment. You can easily turn a spare room into a cozy beauty salon. This beauty business is suitable for women of every age.

Online Teaching

Online teaching is a trending business idea these days. The demand is also going high. If you love the teaching profession, you can start this venture in two ways. You can either register on an online tutoring marketplace or build your own online teaching business.

Lunch Delivery Service

Lunch Delivery Service is a preferable option for those women who like to cook and are quite good at cooking. By using your kitchen at home, you can start this business with moderate capital investment.

A homemade meal is always appreciable from the worker's point of view; people get a good return through this business.

Recruitment Agency Business

All small to big business needs support to hire manpower. You can support them by providing them with the right candidate. At the initial stage, one can start this business at home by only having a computer with an internet connection and a phone.

Yoga and Meditation Classes     

There is a great demand for yoga and meditation classes in India with increasing mental and physical stress. You can provide classes at your home by holding a few classes daily. There will be a very marginal investment in this business.


Tailoring is very easy to start; it just needs a good sewing machine. You start with the alteration of clothes and slowly gain dressmaking skills, special wedding dresses, and other occasions. You can tie up with some nearby schools or kindergartens to supply uniforms to them.

8 Best Home based Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs
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8 Best Home based Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs
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