Tips To Stay Physically And Mentally Healthy During The Coronavirus

Tips To Stay Physically And Mentally Healthy During The Coronavirus
Tips To Stay Physically And Mentally Healthy During The Coronavirus

Tips To Stay Physically And Mentally HealthyDuring The Coronavirus

A hugenumber of people are asking for clear, comprehensive information and guidelinesregarding the novel coronavirus. While it is important to stay informed, thereare also many things we can do to support and manage our wellbeing in such acritical situation.

At themoment, we must rely on basic public health measures: wash your handsfrequently, avoid touching your face, use hand sanitizer, and limit yourexposure to others. It may sound simplistic, but those things are quitehelpful.

Here are some more tips:

1. Have Space and Connection

Present-day,the best way is to avoid direct physical contact with others. Avoid crowds,reduce or eliminate non-essential travel, and expand the space between you andothers to practice social distancing.

Try to giveyourself about 6 feet of space. In case, you are feeling sick, don't besedentary or trapped indoors. Go for a walk in your garden, dance around yourhouse, or tune into on-depend fitness or YouTube instructors.

If you think youare getting sick, stay home and keep away from others.Self-quarantineis a great concept anytime you think you have an infectious disease.

Here, socialdistancing is about physical distancing; it does not mean social isolation.During this outbreak, your mental health is important. Social support helps andis also related to your physical health.

Stay intouch with family, friends, colleagues who are telecommuting. Any kind ofdirect communication will be helpful: email, texts, video chats, even voicecalls.

Missingtravel or events will bring a kind of disappointment. It's fine to feel sadabout losses that seem trivial right now. But do not face your anxiety alone.

2. Fitness

This time,you are not going to the gym; you need to focus on some physical activities inyour home. Many gyms and faintness instructors offer virtual classes; you cantake benefit from it.

There are various no-equipment-required exercises such assquats, burpees, sit-ups, planks, push-ups, and mountain climbers.

Tips To Stay Physically And Mentally Healthy During The Coronavirus
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3. Nutrition

Make aproper plan before you stock up on groceries- to ensure you pick up the rightthings, and to avoid panic-buying and wiping out community suppliers. Take inventoryof what is in your pantry and then plan around these items to create meals consisting of a starch, a protein, and a product.

Don't justfocus on grains and canned goods right now also buy fresh products. Sturdyveggies and starches like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes can bekept for a long time outside the freezer.

In case, youpurchase, dried or frozen goods, select those low in saturated fat, sales, andadded sugars. Prefer foods having less than five grams of added sugar perserving.

Boredom andstress eating is quite common these days, the best you can do is to channelthose feelings elsewhere, whether by venting to a friend, writing down yourfeelings or diving into a good book.

4. Stress and Sleep

Managing stress and anxiety is vital for enough sleep and sufficient sleep is criticalfor just about every other aspect of your health.

Do yoga and meditation to manage stress. Over-exposure to news, over-exposure to chaos,creates a lot of anxiety; try to spend some time in a quiet space to reflect;it would help you to calm down.

5. Cleaning

A lot ofstudies have provided that the virus that causes COVID-19 can live on plasticand stainless steel surfaces for 72 hours, cardboard for 24 hours and copperfor four hours.

Although surface contamination does not seem to be the primaryway the virus spreads, it cannot hurt to wipe down high-touch objects such asdoorknobs, railings, and faucets.

Wash yourhand towels frequently and remove your shoes and costs as soon as you reachyour home. Most important, regular and proper cleaning makes your space feelslarger and more comfortable and you will have fewer things to touch andtransmit germs.

6. Be Aware

Don't blowyour pay check stock piling months of supplies. No need to be panic and buy every possible over-the-counter drug. But get needed things and leave the restfor others.

It is greatto check your prescription medication and ensure you have your month's supplyon hand.

Here,employers should encourage and rewards responsible for self-quarantining behaviours. Paid sick leave would enhance compliance with self-quarantine measures.

7. The outbreak in the Media

There areextensive news covers about the disease. If you find that the news is causingyou huge stress physically and mentally, find a balance.

Here, thebest solution is not to avoid all news and that you keep informing andeducating yourself but limit your news intake if it is bothering you.

These aresome effective tips we hope will help you, your family and your friends to lookafter your physical and mental health.

Tips To Stay Physically And Mentally Healthy During The Coronavirus
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Tips To Stay Physically And Mentally Healthy During The Coronavirus

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