Inthe contemporary era, we live in an automated world, where we like to connectpeople on Facebook and ask every question from Google. Human dependency onmachines is increasing rapidly.

Roboticautomation is being used to perform a wide variety of tasks, from automatedself-service checkouts, automated bridge tool or ticket vending solutions.

Itis also enhancing accountancy and finance jobs through the automation ofroutine operational tasks like payroll administration, bookkeeping, auditfunction, and transactional accounting.

Therelevancy of technological disruption can be measured from this fact that asper the data of PwC, 30% of jobs will be impacted by automation by 2030.

Peoplemay become irrelevant.

Yearof learning, skill-building and going on the higher ladder will be removed byone sweep of the mechanical arm.

How to Stay Relevant

Itis tough to say how the technology will develop, but most experts see thosecommonsense tasks becoming even easier for the computer to process. This meansrobots will become useful in life.

AIwill take the digital technology out of the two-dimensional, screen imprisonedform to which people have grown accustomed.

Allhuman-only jobs are going to be powerful. After all, AI is no substitute fornatural stupidity. So the question is what is extremely human about us?

Thereare some factors like In-depth Understanding, Personal Observations,Collaboration, and Communication that you need to follow to maintain yourbusiness's relevancy in this technological world.

Stayprepared for future competition by developing higher-order thinking andemotional skills. There are three main concepts that you need to follow toimprove your prospects in the future of work.

Thefirst thing that makes a person different from a machine is that a person can create a story. Machines are not goodat storytelling beyond rote reports. A lot of businesses are leading the marketbecause they can tell a good story every single time.

Manypeople think creativity cannot belearned; some people have it, or some do not have it. But it is completely amyth. When you do anything regular with discipline, you boost your creativityin any particular field that is not possible with machines. Build your creativenetwork by hiring people who have encouraged learning things.

Sellingis the most vital part of the business. Selling is an inherently human trait,and it is not just about selling a product but also selling yourself, yourconcepts and convincing others to get on board with you.

Thefundamental concept of sales covers understating psychology, listening toother's problems, and finding perfect solutions. These activities hold greatscope for inventing accomplishing methods of selling.

Weall are aware of this fact that technology is changing and evolving at afantastic pace, some of it having a more immediate impact than others.

Ifthere is something you are not aware of, make it your priority to push yourselfout of your comfort zone and raise your knowledge, no matter how difficult thatmight feel. People who hold the knowledge are pretty open to sharing andanswering questions, so tap into their wisdom, and stay prepared to do the samefor others once you have created your knowledge up.

Overall,no one can know everything about everything. Pick the channels that have themost relevance in your own filed and find various ways to inform yourself aboutthe latest trends and newer developments, be that through mentors, news sites,or following savvy individuals on Twitter on LinkedIn.

Thebottom line is to focus on introducing advancement in business. Today, theproblem is not machines taking over but that humans acting like machines.

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